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Zoltan Kaszas on why cats are better than dogs – Dry Bar Comedy

25 thoughts on “Zoltan Kaszas on why cats are better than dogs – Dry Bar Comedy

  1. My cat's also heavier than she needs to be and I just feed her twice a day. But it's that much harder when she walks around at night meowing for more food. The struggle is real!

  2. My cat’s name is ROGUE, he is a rescued cat, black, yellow eyes, mix main coon . I never liked that name, so I found myself calling him with different names as he is growing older. I started with Neenee, Neenou, Geegee, roguee, bee boo, . My husband calls him Roguee , stinky cat, smelly cat. My cat will only respond to French command ( I am from France) if I want the cat to do something. It drives my husband crazy. My cat loves Norwegian soft music a( Morten Harket) and loves Star Trek, especially mr Spock 🖖, like his mom.

  3. Loved his routine but even better is looking at the comments at people fighting about whether dogs or cats are better. When in reality? It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re not abusing an animal who what you’ve got at home?

  4. Dogs crave attention. The reason why so many are always 'in your face' is cause people unknowingly encourage such behaviour by giving the dog affection by doing "wrong" things like jumping on you when you come home. Giving a dog affection while it jumps on you when you come through your door tells him that it's okay to do that. You stop petting that dog and ignore him as soon as he jumps on you and he'll stop. Once he stops then you give him affection. If he jumps again you stop and ignore him immediately til he stops jumping. Once he stops again, give him affection but ONLY when he stops and is sitting. Dogs are definitely high maintenance. Cats are alright if they don't act like total dipshits lmao

  5. He's hilarious!! Cats are just as he said! They don't care about being our friends (unless they're starving). They lie on our clean clothes (not the dirty ones in the hamper). They see you on your Tablet and Wil LIE DOWN ON IT COVERING YOUR SCREEN or see you on your Laptop/Desktop Computer and they will LIE DOWN DIRECTLY ONTO THE KEYBOARD or WALK ACROSS THE KEYBOARD MAKING ALL SORTS OF CRAZY STUFF HAPPEN ON YOUR MONITOR. They usually don't want to play when you feel like it but YOU MUST BE WILLING TO PLAY WHEN THEY WANT YOU TO. 🤣

    Now that I've read my own comment, I'm wondering: "Why do we even BOTHER with Cats, ANYWAY??" 🤔

  6. Dog person: I hate cats, they are evil asf
    cat person: i love dogs
    Dog person: wait.. no.. I'm confused Dog_Person.EXE had stopped working

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