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Zfreek Rubick GOD – What A Game! – EG vs coL Boston Major Dota 2

49 thoughts on “Zfreek Rubick GOD – What A Game! – EG vs coL Boston Major Dota 2

  1. really dude, for games like this gives us the player perspective, i get sick of watching the rubick plays but seeing the mirana items.

  2. EG lost because PPD wasn't there to buy sentries. My man will have 2k networth at 60 minutes vs a bounty hunter just for detection.

  3. Да выруби ты эти рекламы , раньше не было их, какого ху^ ты делаешь себе плохую репутацию ?!

  4. This is just like any other sport people…you can be good when it doesn't matter but you gotta be good when it does matter too. Just a bracket match. Let's see if coL keeps it up or not. I'm all for any American team!

  5. Zfreek, DJ and Saksa are easily the most underrated supports in the world. They do so much work for their teams yet they never get credit for it FeelsBadMan.

  6. E.G. Are playing like shit. The don't start playing as a team till like 20 minutes. 0 ganks just passive farm all game. Really annoying to watch.

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