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YogaVB 26 _ Plow Pose _ Halasana _ Basic yoga

YogaVB 26 _ Plow Pose _ Halâsana _ Basic yoga

Like other yoga poses, the Halasana Plow Pose is so named because the basic shape of the pose resembles a typical plow used in Tibet and India, as well as in many other Asian countries. The plow is also a mythological symbol in many stories of Tibet, China, India and Egypt.

The plow pose can have many physical and mental benefits.
– Stretches all the muscles in the back, shoulders and spine
– Increases the elasticity of the spine
– ncreases the capacity of the nervous and circulatory system
– Lubricates the roots of the nerve endings of the spinal cord
– Soothes the brain, relieves stress and fatigue
– Stimulates the abdominal and thyroid organs
– Improves intestinal function
– Helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause
– Treats back pain, headaches, infertility, insomnia, sinusitis

However, the plow posture also does not apply in the case of:
– Asthma & high blood pressure
– Menstruation
– Pregnancy
– Injury in the neck
– Serious eye diseases such as glaucoma, etc.

Some poses that work to support the plow pose should be practiced before:
– Diamond pose (YogaVB 5)
– Child’s pose (YogaVB 7)
– Bridge pose (YogaVB 17)
– Legs up the wall pose (YogaVB 24)
– Shoulder stand pose (YogaVB 25)

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