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XPS 13 (2019) – Laptop Perfected

Dave2D review of the 2019 XPS 13 – 9380. This is the best laptop from Dell for thin and light portable computing.
Laptop Skins –
XPS 13 –
eGPU Box –

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33 thoughts on “XPS 13 (2019) – Laptop Perfected

  1. I want to buy a good ultra book for school work, but not one that’s too pricey so I can build a sffpc for more portable gaming

  2. You should do a review and bench test of the 9370 and the 7390, so consumers can understand the differences and buy which one that fits their needs.

    PS — Like that shirt. I have 2 Nixon's. :p

  3. This laptop is 0.5 lbs (20%) heavier than it needs to be with no benefit. To call it close to perfection is either a joke or a sign of poor taste imo

  4. Terrible laptop. My Dell XPS 15 that I bought in March, 2019 is still sitting unused in my basement. Failed SD card. Failed mainboard. Failed fingerprint reader. Do not buy.

  5. Hi Dave,
    Em planning to buy a laptop for my Engineering graduate! So I would like you suggest me a laptop for it! Cause I was planning for MacBook pro 13" or Dell XPS 15! I need to use MATlab,Ansys softwares for work! Em confused, so please help me out!

  6. You can not call this laptop an XPS without a dedicated GPU Dell. This is just a basic bitch ultrabook. Sexy but still shitty.

  7. About damn time they offered a touch screen that isn't 4k. Like why the actual f*ck do people care about 4k in a 13 inch display. You're not gonna notice a difference ffs and it drains so much more battery. So happy Dell did this.

  8. Hey dave will you make a review on the new dell xps 13 2 in 1 7390, and the new dell xps 13 which both uses 10th generation intel processors?

  9. I dont understand why they insist on ONLY having USB C. There is virtually no use to them on day to day basis. The standard is still USB A. 99% of computer accessories use USB A, including USB memory pen drives, external HDD or computer mice. It makes no sense and its an insta deal breaker for me.

  10. Do y’all think this is better than a surface book 2 or a MacBook Pro??? Idk what to invest in…looking for something for video editing and for college, any recommendations?

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