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Xiaomi Wemax One Laser Projector Review: 150″ TV for Under $1950!

We review the Wemax One ultra short-throw laser projector which is manufactured by Fengmi, a subbrand of Xiaomi. This projector can cast an 150-inch picture from only a distance of 50cm from the wall/ screen.

Thanks to GearBest for making the review possible by loaning us this review sample (model number FMWS01C). If you’re considering purchasing this projector, please support them by buying using the following link:

Enter coupon code CAV1FHRY4Q to get a discount. 🙂

If you purchase from the link above and email us your Gearbest order number, we’ll email you our calibrated settings to improve the picture quality you’re getting from the Wemax One ultra-short throw laser projector. Remember, you need to click SPECIFICALLY on our 1ink immediately before buying, otherwise your order number won’t show up on our backend, and we can’t send you the calibrated settings.

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36 thoughts on “Xiaomi Wemax One Laser Projector Review: 150″ TV for Under $1950!

  1. I have a problem with Fengmi 4K projector, I live in New Zealand and can not create an account because the country code is fixed. How do I change it to 64 New Zealand code.
    Also will please sent me the colour calibration of Fengmi, thank you.

  2. Question – is it possible to set an hdmi input as default on this projector? Or does it always open to the android interface?

  3. Hi, I followed the steps to order. Could you provide e-mail address to send order details? Thanks. Subscribed to the chanel.

  4. I purchased this one. I can understand nothing! Why the put so many app by china language!No way how to get play store,no youtube and way how to get it and no webpage!

  5. Xiaomi WEMAX ONE PRO FMWS01C is a different product? Which is the latest? I see so many similar product numbers. Which is the latest?

  6. Your link with Gearbest should be taken down because after ordering on December 3rd 2018, the company hasn’t shipped the product and is giving me the runaround. Already collected the money, but no product. Later found disturbing practices of charging for merchandise and not sending products. I take it you get some sort of kickback when I used your shopping link (wanted to get the calibration disc).

  7. I saw your xaiomi wemax projector test. Can you do a test how it works in daylight. I am looking for a projector that I can use in the evening – in the afternoon in the garden. Can you check it for me ???

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