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WooCommerce How to Show Categories on Shop Page

Edit : The display option This has been moved to the Customizer section in the latest version.
Appearance → Customize → WooCommerce → Product Catalog

In this tutorial we will be showing how to set up your shop so that it displays the Categories and then the Subcategories of your products for a better Store layout in your WooCommerce Shop.


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43 thoughts on “WooCommerce How to Show Categories on Shop Page

  1. I have a parent category in my categories list, but it won't show on my shop page with the other categories, don't know why. thanks

  2. Sven your video is very informatic I watched it today and subscribed your channel. I am going to follow your step for my shop Website.
    I am having four categories. Men, women, kid and gadgets. These are four parent categories. Men and women will further have sub categories and finally these subcategory will have products as per the sub category. I had done categorisation of products as per category. Now my home page is having four images of four category and if i click button it takes me to sub categories of parent category. On selecting sub categories finsly i reach product page.

    Now this is the point which is not working. How toget image which has add to cart button. But if go to product page then entire product range seen with add to cart button. Any help on this willbe appreciated.
    I amusing oceanWp theme and use Elementor for editing pages.
    I am just started learning building websites thru word press.

    Thank you verymuch.

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I have been searching for this info and finally found it. Now i can build my website. Thank

  4. Excellent… Love this….. informative and straight to the point, and gave me a solution for how I want to set up my store page…Thankyou

  5. What if my problem is that I have two categories and products and only products from one of the categories is showing up. What could be the problem?

  6. Thanks a lot for the video! Nevertheless the shop settings have been moved to Appearance>Customize>Woocommerce>Catalogue There you ll be up to adapt the shop display as explained in the video…

  7. hi your video is very informative for me but i want to do work on these categories so how i can do it would you like to tell me in which video you design all these categories and subcategories?? please reply as soon as possible and is it possible to make these categories on another page because i did't want to do this on shop page

  8. Is there a solution for 2019 on how to get subcategories to display under categories, This did not work for Woocommerce Storefront Theme and I'm using the latest updated version of WordPress, I've been trying to make this work all day but just can't.  When I click on the main Catagory the products keep displaying instead of the subcategory and them products.

  9. hello, i have an issue. i have recently added a new parent category which i want to put other categories i already have under. however the new category i have made will not show up on my shop what so ever. The categories i have now made subcategories to the new parent now dont show up either and instead on my shop it only displays products eventhough my woocommerce settings is set to show categories. where have i gone wrong… is there a better way to add a new parent category to already existing categories?
    thank you , your help is much appreciated.

  10. In an update to my word press website, the menu on the right side for external links from Amazon previously showed an option to choose a category for each product added to the website Shop. That option is no longer available on the Product-Edit-Add product section. How do I add the category (i.e. Electronics, Housewares) to the Product?

  11. Thank you for this video, I have found it extremely helpful. I am trying to create a menu that works in the following way: For example: Main menu to show – Kitchen / Dinning / Bathroom. When once selects any option from the main menu like Kitchen – a page must open showing sub categories with an image and description like (Mugs/Pots/Pans). Want to be able to open any product to see the full list of items under this category – If selected Mugs a page will all mugs must show with a short description. The one can select the most liked mug to be take to the product page where it can be added to cart. Do you have any info on how to add this to my menu. I do not want drop down sub category under the kitchen tap on the main menu – all these opinions must be inside the kitchen page. Appreciate some direction if you can assist.

  12. Hi, My subcategories are not displaying although i checked the option, instead it's displaying all my products under my parent category

  13. Hi Sven really liked your video! Is there a way to remove the count from the categories or change its color?

  14. So once your categories and sub categories are created, how do you put each product where its supposed to go? Is this done while your creating each product individually?

  15. thank you for making this video. But how do I do it if I already have products everywhere and then I want to categorize them? I can make the child category but how to I transfer the actual product there?

  16. Hey , i'm beginner with wordpress … well i need add this Shop on my wordpress. But i don't know how to upload my own picture on this store. Could you please help me with that ?

  17. this plugin saved my life i been trying to hide a category from the shop page and all the other options out there needed me to code the functions.php with this plugin all i had to do was tuning on the hide option, thank a lot!

  18. hi, thanks for sharing. I am using Divi theme and i followed same steps but the subcategories does not show in category. is it relate to the way how i create the menu? thanks

  19. Hi. Thanks for sharing!  Is it possible to control the arrangement of products on the shop page, i.e. pants together, dresses together, etc.?

  20. Hallo Sven, thank you for your answer. Yes, I need something for my progress, but can you give me a plugin that I can get free ?

  21. Hello Sven, i whatch your video and i have a question.At the moment i am working on my shop. Now i intend a sidebar and i want to do it like "Net-A-Porter". I just can not get it, can you help me in this situation. Show me how that work. Please.

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