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Women Confront Harvey Weinstein At NYC Bar, Get Booed & Kicked Out | NBC New York

Two women confronted disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein at the Downtime Bar on the Lower East Side on Thursday night.

One was a woman who shouted down the restaurant for allowing Weinstein to be seated; she was asked to leave by the bar’s staff. The other was a comedian booked to do a set that night. She was booed by the audience.

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49 thoughts on “Women Confront Harvey Weinstein At NYC Bar, Get Booed & Kicked Out | NBC New York

  1. This is crazy to me I can’t understand how black me like Bill Cosby, R kelly etc r in jail going to trial etc and this rich white man Harvey Weinstein is walking around free chilling u can’t tell me there is no white privilege this is crazy justice should be the same for all smh !!!!!

  2. is she slow nobody is saying anything cause probs no one seen him knows who he is cares is is nosy enough to stare at someone sat in a booth long enough to spot him and name him then get up an make a drama over it hes already been outed and facing shit soooo ehh ? does anyone do this to mike tyson ? or any other criminal in some place other actors ??

  3. Proof that feminists nearly outpace men in outbursts leading to domestic violence. Waiter?? Make my steak dinner to go please..🤪🤯🤯

  4. It’s not okay what Harvey did, and it’s not okay woman to bully, harassing any person in public, the authorities is taking action if every people try to take justice for their own hands then we face scary future for us, our kids and next generations.

  5. I do find Harvey disgusting…but these insane women aren't the best reps for this issue. I loathe women and find them slightly more offensive than that Weinstein pig!

  6. I do not agree with what he did but I am sure if you where out and everyone someone saw you they called you out for the dumb shit you have done that's just as wrong . He already has to deal with what he did . Again is he a p.o.s yes but it not her job to do that

  7. Oh God rot everyone in this video. Including Weinstein, his handlers, the shrieking harpies and the alleged comedian. Weinstein should be put on trial and locked up forever if it's proved- but I'm just as sick to death of the whole MeToo circus, whose idea of a fair trial is the Witch Hunt from the Holy Grail movie.

  8. Leave him alone now ! Ok everybody knows what he did but he has the right to go in a bar or restaurant. Everybody knew about him since years

  9. If Allison Mack were there, she’d be sitting on Weinstein’s lap, her arms around his neck, looking at her with a smile.

  10. Whatever Weinstein may have done or not, its only up to the court to condemn him or not. Its not up to random people in public. They have no right to verbally attack someone in public who is minding their business and isnt doing anything to anyone. Bullying people and dropping the F word every 5 sec for 15 mins of fame doesnt make her better than anyone. It just makes her a public bully

  11. I wish the comic was a bit funnier, that way she would have gotten the crowd on her side instead of the booing because sadly the booing was basically appropriate because the line wasn't even funny, just awkward and uncomfortable, I agree with her, I just wish it was funnier and this shit would've went mega-viral and it would more quickly become THE THING to shame him out of every bar, club, restaurant he attempts to attend

  12. I had know idea he had been found guilty of a crime. Maybe these two attention whores know something the rest of us don't.

  13. Those bitches were crazy this is what's germinating our communities especially brooklyn what's even worst are the serial killers looming!

  14. Anyone with half a brain knows how women REALLY get ahead in the workforce! All these women were dirty sluts where they dressed as such when meeting him, hence Harvey treated them as such and is innocent!

  15. Hey , Nothing But Crap ( NBC )
    ANOTHER " FAKE NEWS " outlet spewing deceit & lies TOTALLY CONTROLLED !

    SO WHY NO " NEW " COVERAGE of that PSYCHOPATH and CO-criminal in human trafficking of LITTLE GIRLS , not young women " you know her , that DEEPLY DAMAGED PRODUCT of the Cabal , Ghislaine MAXWELL ?
    ALL HER VICTIMS haven't forgotten her ! WHY HAVE YOU ?
    ALL THE FAMILIES OF HER VICTIMS haven't forgotten her ! WHY HAVE YOU ?

    Sooooo MSM with their F.A.K.E. N.E.W.S. & their PAID LIPS OF DECEIT seem to have a VERY , VERY SHORT MEMORY when this DESPOTIC CRIMINAL is even mentioned in public.
    Hey " PAID LIPS " listen up, Epstein THE CONVICTED PEDO & Ghislaine Maxwell WILL NOT GO AWAY !
    REAL REPORTERS & REAL NEWS OUTLETS will make sure the TRUE & the whole story gets told to the people , NOT the MSM's " CREATED VERSIONS " for the Cabal's AGENDA ! from Canada J.

  16. There should be a stand-up routine of someone saying Harvey Weinstein and hypocritical Hollywood Jews is thanked by Neo-Nazis for the resurgence of anti-semitism in the USA.

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