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Windows 7 dreamscene tutorial etc.

9 thoughts on “Windows 7 dreamscene tutorial etc.

  1. @yoyokafel I have my associates degree in web design and my masters in welding in Mig tig and stick on steel and aluminum I think my family will be fine.

  2. @LordBongSnipa69 lol, i already updated my G' Cards and i had to run as Admin just to get it to work. but its still cool because i know most of the icon's but i have thing's like multiple .txt files and stuff where they look the same so its hard to figure out which is which, however its very much worth it so thanks alot man 🙂

  3. @FaIconHD are you quizzing me on every video I have? if you have probs run prog as admin and update all you pc drivers graffix card etc and then see how it runs. I am not at your house so I can not fix your problem you will have to fix all your pc problems and then try stuff like this;. I am a certified c++ technician if you want fly me their and i will fix it. ~Enjoii~ LordBongSnipa69~

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