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Wilde Bar’s OSCAR WILDE BURGER Full Review

31 thoughts on “Wilde Bar’s OSCAR WILDE BURGER Full Review

  1. First time commenting on YouTube. Been watching y’all for years already. I was forced to finally recover my account info in order to post rage comments on Quang Tran’s channel.

    Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m glad he forced me to recover my username and PW – because now I can finally comment on YOUR vidz.

  2. Dudes that has to be such a disappointing experience. Burger looks amazing but is only really a 2.5. :/ The place looks dope, though.

    Have y’all had Hamburgerseria hamburgers?

  3. Wow do those monstrous burgers look really good!! Great and entertaining review, guys!! Have a good one!! 😊😎

  4. It’s amazing the sheer amount of beastiest of beasty burgers you both have tried, just in Chicago alone. You’d think you run out of options, then…’but WAIT! There’s more!’

  5. I'm pretty sure that if you guys ever do an episode where Sean is in the driver's seat and Corey is in the passenger's seat, my head might explode 0.o

  6. Didn’t even put ketchup n mustard on it smh. Hate mfs like u🖕🏽bitch. Decent vid tho, keep pushing out the good garbage

  7. You need to throw your tomatoes across Sean out the passenger side window, cuz I imagine 5 birds were killed trying to eat tomato in the middle of the road… just a thought*

  8. Great video! I love the burger reviews! Are you guys planning to do a review of the south west patty melt from Hardees? I was thinking about doing it soon…

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