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Why Loggers Run Upside Down Chainsaw Bars

The reason loggers run their chainsaw bars upside down is to prolong bar life.

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44 thoughts on “Why Loggers Run Upside Down Chainsaw Bars

  1. What are you talking about??? Bars that have their chains hand filed don’t last as long…dumbest thing I ever heard and no evidence to support your made up theory. Hopefully no one believes the garbage you spew.

  2. I know people that clear cut for a living, they do not flip when the file there bars each time they file their chains.

  3. hooktender , cutter pacific northwest , 30 years experience, yes flip your bar often , . what is not said here is , take a flat file and even out the rails if you run alot every week , clean gap every day , have a nice day ,

  4. How about talking safety equipment such as helmet with ear muffs and face guards,chaps,kevlar coat and gloves.Too many people get hurt because they didn't bother to learn about operating and maintaining equipment safely.Every saw I have bought comes with this information that you spent this time talking about.Nobody should operate any power equipment without reading the manufacturer provided manual.They want to prevent lawsuits so it is in every saw instruction box.

  5. Growing up in logging country I learned early on the bars are reversed to get a nice true edge. As the bars wears, it will tend to wear on one edge more than another causing the saw to walk and not cut straight. Another lesson learned is to dress the bar edges with a file to take the burs off. One more option for added longevity is to use a trueing tool to set the gap in the chain channel.

  6. The bar isn't actually upside down, but yeah, turn your bar over whenever you clean your bar.

    Yes…clean your bar channel and take off any burrs with a flat file.

    I clean my saw every two tanks of fuel, because I clean it frequently a clean only takes a couple of minutes.

  7. There isn't a right side up or upside down, just because the logo is upside down doesn't have anything to do with the operation of the bar or chain.

  8. It would be nice if Stihl designed their chainsaw with a special recess in the body of the engine where you can slide the wrench tool into. Like you said, the saw and the tool should always be together, why not have a slot where you can hold the tool within the saw itself.

  9. If my maths serves me well. If you were to get twice as much life out of your bar from doing this, that should be a 100% increase of life, not 50%… unless the other side was to wear twice as fast then that would be 50% =)

  10. Because it doesn't matter and you should rotate the bar for every new chain to evenly wear the bar…. saved you 7 mins

  11. I take multiple chains with me that I hand file at night in the shop in an extra bar clamped in the vise I don't got time to stop and mess around filing a chain

  12. Also One other thing to note. Is if ur bar chain groove is wore out in there's a decent amount of side to side movement. It will be almost impossible to flush a big stump flat. In it'll cause the chain to pop off as well. Another Tip on why ur saw may cut crooked is, one side of the chains teeth are trying to take a bigger bite then the other causing it to pull to that side. Sharpening ur saw consistently is essential to a flush straight cut!

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