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Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? | Brian Greene

At the heart of modern cosmology is a mystery: Why does our universe appear so exquisitely tuned to create the conditions necessary for life? In this tour de force tour of some of science’s biggest new discoveries, Brian Greene shows how the mind-boggling idea of a multiverse may hold the answer to the riddle.

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38 thoughts on “Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? | Brian Greene

  1. Could we ever confirm the existence of other universe? No.
    BUUT he says….we dont know…but if we could MAYBE prove…something else…we could MAYBE prove…

  2. The big bang ots the one still pushing things away , becouse theres no garavyti in empty space so theres nothing pulling them in or apart so they keep the bang out free going

  3. One day in the future people will look at all these theories and they will be as relevant as the flat earth theory is today…

  4. The universe isn't fine-tuned at all. And it certainly isn't fine -tuned for life. If anything, it's fine-turned for creating black holes. Along the way nucleosynthesis occurs , producing carbon, oxygen, and iron permitting life to exist. But life certainly isn't the goal – most of the universe is in fact quite hostile to life.

  5. Why not use an algorithm to track the sub layer, like how many trophic organisms per annum/km^2 geographically and through time considering several sub systems in ecological webs represented?

  6. I think the perception that the universe or our solar system or our planet is made perfect for us is a false notion… I think instead life was fine tuned to survive, flourish and thrive where it can.

    Evidence: marine biology near thermal vents @ insane pressures deep on the dark ocean floor. & Glacial worms that survive inside glaciers feeding off minerals locked within the ice.

    Life doesn't reside in the perfect fine tuned places for optimal living… it resides everywhere it can.

  7. Vibrational frequencies are the future of science, all aspects of science, medical for one, interdimensional realization, and abilities humans can realise and utilize for imaginable and useful, progressive ideas of incredible existence.

  8. People simply cannot make up their mind to understand or seek more than the organization of matter. They will always hit their heads on walls to a smaller or larger scale, depending on what equipment they have. And so, all wisdom remains just stubborn madness 🙂

  9. Great information! I've sometimes wondered if the "Universe" is evolving out of the reach of our ability to observe. On a down side, I found the sensationalism of this talk and the special sound effects too loud and annoying. Maybe that could be toned down a bit?

  10. It's all theory. Don't forget it's just science manipulating equations. They are playing in their sand box and have to justify their play

  11. Scientism needs to stop lies that expand our Universe…. The lies have many captivating I'mplications, but mostly they impede human hope to accept reality!

  12. What detonated the Big Bang?
    Say, universe is an only possible perpetual motion that begins from and ends in the “absolute nothingness”.
    Makes sense.

  13. It is obvious to me that life fine-tunes itself to whatever conditions it encounters? And I don't have a fancy Phd just some common sense! lol

  14. So, “all” isn’t just “1”?

    I mean, what other than “contradiction” do science and mathematics have as their solid “axiom” ?
    Isn’t this the denial of it, if “all” can be multiple?

  15. Biblical cosmology is the truth, NASA are frauds! Earth is flat you fools! We are all being deceived wake up!!!

  16. Is it just me or does Brian Greene gloss over more points than someone shellacking a Light Brite? Brian Greene is the Barney the dinosaur of science. Brian Greene gets excited about things that are 99.999% guaranteed to be false. Brian Greene would believe Santa was real and explain it's existence to the masses if it meant another book or TV deal. Almost nothing he said is probable and there is no evidence about anything he's said. This is closer to woowoo physics than actual physics. A chiropractor that believes in Scientology speaks more about reality than Brian Greene. Brian Greene believes all of the fringe "theories" and rolls them into a giant unified theory called the "bubkiss conjecture"

  17. What is in between universes? I know it might be something other than "space web". But what is the thing that fills in between, and how are universes connected to each other!?

  18. i cant believe comments are enabled hahahahaa this is why Hilell said f/u. and just laughs .. There is a law that says if you get fooled to bad …if people are to stupid to know they are stupid ….in the immortal words of Marshall Applewhite …well I wont say it …..the more i think the less I know so I'm not totally surprised .. there was a time when i would have been all in so whatever…

  19. Amazing speech… Never seen a guy can narrative physical things with non physical language so clearly and so understandable

  20. There is nothing to know, there is just more of the same as our own galaxy out there. That is it. Except we are the only life in the Universe. Not intelligent life. The Only LIFE, period. There is no amoebas or simple life out there, no single cell anything we are it!

  21. Scientist: how can you believe in a God? Why not look at the facts?

    Me: facts? What facts? Because you can’t prove anything. They are just theories that will never be proven.

  22. Why are we here on this planet, why not another planet that has no food or water and we develop in a totally different way ? Here on Earth most of our drugs come from south America, but we had to go find that part of the world first, then long period of travel at sea and scurvy was a curse until citrus fruit, is the universe fine tuned or just our planet which would explain the serious lack of contact from aliens

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