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Whining and wine’ing but no winning | Travis behind the scenes MSI Daily Day 2

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39 thoughts on “Whining and wine’ing but no winning | Travis behind the scenes MSI Daily Day 2

  1. Candice just went through a huge controversy in LPL gaming community. During the gaming pause between SKT and IG, Jackylove wanted to have a physiotherapy to release his back pain. But the IG members couldn't find the therapy bed for him. It turned out that Candice asked the therapist took the bed away to serve herself, and of cos didn't return it. The physiotherapy is supposed to be only exclusive for the IG players. Plus, I think it was extremely unprofessional that during a whole event day to take any power-up rest which involves taking of clothes, messing up with hair, make-up touching up. Especially the game ended eventually in just 16mins. I don't think Sjokz would ever have this kind of behavior. After this "incident" IG doesn't take any interview with Candice anymore.

  2. I enjoy watching the events and the games, but I love watching what goes on behind the scenes even more, it gives off a more personal vibe and a feeling of me actually being there

    Keep up all the great content, Travis and Brodin!

  3. I hope you find the secret for the succes of NA, I really like these videos! I like to see how are you doing there and what its like. Greetings from Venezuela!

  4. candice is intentionally teasing travis about his obvious unrequited crush on her and he still made her the thumbnail 💔💔💔

  5. I know Jeeson but who is the one talking with brodin on instagram? she does not look like Jeeson.

    Edited:nvm. she is YSCandice from LPL.

  6. These are some top-notch vlogs. You should be nicer to Brodin, he's doing a great job : ) fr though, transitions and audio timing/ editing on f l e e k

  7. jisun makes every video 10000x better than they already were

    having travis and jisun in the same video should be a crime, too much hype

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