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Where to Put the Bar for the Squat with Nick Delgadillo

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo clears up your confusion on the spine of the scapula and where the bar should go on your back for the squat.

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21 thoughts on “Where to Put the Bar for the Squat with Nick Delgadillo

  1. Cue, dramatic music… "Bar placement is a serious problem for alot of you.." FFS! How many squat videos are there on YouTube? Put it on your back, and squat!

  2. I start out with my lumbar in flexion but once I achieve full depth, I become loose at the bottom and the bar path has a tendency to move forward during the ascent. How do I fix this sir?

  3. What about those with shoulder immobility and cervical spine stenosis? I find it hurts my neck days after squatting. I put a small pad on but I still get neck pain

  4. Rippetoe's a fatso and knows nothing. Now where did I place that Muscle & Fitness magazine telling me to look upwards while squatting 500 lbs.

  5. I tried low bar,,,,it feels good on the back, and makes sense in theory, but for me, it was very uncomfortable for my shoulders and wrists….I had to hold the bar VERY wide to get in position and wear wrists straps. If you have compromised shoulder mobility, getting in to the low bar feels awkward and sometimes PAINFUL. I went back to high bar….much more comfortable.

  6. So I should rest the bar on top of my traps at the base of my neck squeezed painfully against the bones of my thoracic vertebrae. Got it! Thanks for the explanation

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