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When You Worst Case Scenario. Joe Zimmerman

30 thoughts on “When You Worst Case Scenario. Joe Zimmerman

  1. He reminds me of Ed Helms ! I really enjoyed the set ! 👀 Maybe he could get a camera at his house so he has an alibi most of the time ! 🏡

  2. I have been listening to him for a long time on Pandora. This is the first time I have seen him. He blinks a little more than I anticipated but he's still hilarious.

  3. LOL He's funny. And I like how calmly he delivers his comedy. I can't stand high strung comics that pace back and forth across the stage. I like this guy.

  4. The more efficient pick-up line is slightly different, "I'm afraid that if you don't hook up with me, I'll be charged for murder."
    You can end up being charged for rape, though.

  5. But… What if a crime happens near the place you used your card and a clue that the police have is the same as what you just purchased?

  6. Never ask an intelligent or creative person for the worst-case scenario.
    Or do, if you want a super off-the-wall answer.

    Also: 2am last night, I was watching Youtube. My browsing history will confirm it, and no one but me knows the password to unlock my computer.

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