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What is this CA -125 (Tumor markers you must know)

Hi my dear viewers,
I am undergraduate medical laboratory science (BSc. SP) student in university of Peradeniya in Srilanka.
According to one of my friend’s idea I decided to start this MEDI LAB ACADEMY you tube channel.
So my dear viewers,
I created this you tube channel with the purpose of share my knowledge gained from consultant doctors, qualified lectures, reference books, and during my clinical training in hospital.
Actually I covered some Hematology, Bio chemistry, Histology, Parasitology and other relevant subjects related to MLT, MLS ,nursing, and even medical students.
And also I created this video very simple manner .use very simple English language, clear pictures, and I hundred percent assured about the content of the my videos.
In future I hope to add more and more videos helpful to your academic I would like to invite to you all watch my videos via you tube and update your , refresh your knowledge and gather knowledge.
After watching if you get some thing from my videos or if you are interesting about my videos please don’t forget to subscribe me. As well as give your comments will be helpful to expand my channel, encourage me.
Dear viewers,
If you have ability help me I would like to kindly accept it ,even a 1 dollar given by you will important to my higher education and build up my future .this video is small description about CA 125 Tumor is a glycoprotein antigen use to detect ovarian cancer conditions.

The key words that you can search this via you tube……
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#Cancer detection,
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