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What causes cavities? – Mel Rosenberg

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When a team of archeologists recently came across some 15,000-year-old human remains, they made an interesting discovery: the teeth of those ancient humans were riddled with holes. So what causes cavities, and how can we avoid them? Mel Rosenberg takes us inside our teeth to find out.

Lesson by Mel Rosenberg, animation by Andrew Foerster.


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23 thoughts on “What causes cavities? – Mel Rosenberg

  1. Be me
    > Drink a liter of mountain dew every day
    > Lazily brush teeth once every few days
    > Have clear white strong teeth
    > See much more careful people getting horrific cavities easily
    > Question life
    > Repeat

  2. Everyone says brushing is important… but don’t forget to floss, your toothbrush can’t get between teeth!

  3. Flossing can be awkward.
    Take a peek at these flossers. Well-branded: Oral-B Pro Health Glide Floss Picks. (UK)

  4. 1.Fluoride doesn't help against cavities
    2. Ate rich in carbohydrates food and had good teeth
    3. I've got cavity in my front teeth because apple peel had stuck there, since that hate fruits and always peel them if eat
    4. meat causes larger destruction on teeth – try to smell your breath in 30 mins after consumption

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