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Wemax One Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector: What’s The Difference?

We compare the Wemax One Pro ultra-short throw (UST) laser projector against the Xiaomi Mi version to show you the differences.

Thanks to GearBest for making the comparison possible by loaning us the Wemax One (model number FMWS01C) and Xiaomi Mi laser projectors. If you’re considering purchasing either projector, please support them by buying using the following link:

Wemax One Pro:
Xiaomi Mijia:

Enter coupon code CAV1FHRY4Q (Wemax One) or IT-CN09MON (Xiaomi Mijia) to get a discount (50 coupons available, first come first served). 🙂

If you purchase from the link above and email us your Gearbest order number, we’ll email you our calibrated settings to improve the picture quality you’re getting from your UST laser projector. Remember, you need to click SPECIFICALLY on our 1ink immediately before buying, otherwise your order number won’t show up on our backend, and we can’t send you the calibrated settings.

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49 thoughts on “Wemax One Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector: What’s The Difference?

  1. Hi! I bought weemax 1 pro and after one year the remote is not working when switching off. Can you help? I contacted Xiamoi, the producer, with no results 😕

  2. Good job. One of your links doesn't offer the projector anymore.

    First of all: are these both from Xiaomi? I've been seeing some mixed messages around.

    In regards to image resolution, it appears that the white one is 1080p and the black one is 4k. Is that right?

  3. Hi..
    Please answer me. Who is the best for movies and work great and clear picture in A room full of lights..Wemax One Pro v or Xiaomi Mi?

  4. Hi
    i have bought the wemax one pro through your link but I couldn't find the box to click, could you please help me. i do have my order no. please if you can do something about this. i also used the promo code that you provided.

  5. It seems like everyone is avoiding the elephant in the room… how does the Xiaomi Mi compare to the LG PH85LA which is its direct competitor… I know the LG has approximately 70 m/s lag compared to the Xiaomis 100 m/s … but in terms of picture who has the edge ( Xiaomi has about 150 more ANSI lumens I believe)

  6. New 4K model based on TI's 0.47 DMD (with actual resolution less than 4K)

  7. How does the Wemax perform in well lit rooms- is it a true 7K lumens or is the real lumen rating lower? And how does it compare to the Dell S718? Thanks

  8. if someone is looking for ALR screen for his wemax one pro, welcome to contact me;)

  9. Please do new 4k version and include if English and 3D is installed like wemax and what voltage and power adapters come included. Maybe try it with xyscreen PETcrystal for calibration also.

  10. Hello awesome and very detailed review, nice jog. Can you please confirm if there is a option for this projector to be mounted upside down(on the ceiling ) and flip the image? Thanks

  11. Hey Vincent! Can you send me the calibration settings for both the Xiaomi Mi 5,000 Lumen UST and the Wemax One Pro?
    I purchased from Gearbest before watching your video comparison. Can you please send me your email link and I'll send you the Gearbest Order numbers. Thanks!

  12. Any chance you will be reviewing the new Xiaomi 4K laser projector (Xiaomi Mijia MJJGTYDS01FM Laser Projector Projection TV 4K -Black) in the near future? It's listed at $2900 at Gearbest. I have watched your Xiaomi 5,000 lumen verses 7,000 UST laser projector comparison and would really like to get your review and comparison between the 7,000 lumen Xiaomi and the new 4K Xiaomi (also only 5,000 lumens) and maybe show them on a split screen comparison. Also explain why it is promoted as a 4K projector but the specs show it as native 1920×1080? I'm not sure if the difference between the first two projectors is worth the extra $300 and would really like your opinion on paying an extra $1,000 for the 4K version!

  13. His English speaking skill is amazing when you consider the transition one goes through when practicing a second language. I can't imagine how methodical and observant he must have been when studying the language. At least, this is how it all appears from my perspective based on this one video I've seen from him.

  14. GearBest is Bad! As mentioned on another youtube video on just the wemax one, GearBest has not been able to deliver a wemax one projector I bought over 2 months ago. No clear explanation for the delay. I can understand an extra week or two, but 8 weeks later no product! That's poor business practice on GearBest. Sorry to poo poo on your purchase links, but you should not endorse a company that does not mail products even though they charged by credit card.

  15. I Personally love the way you compare both the Projector never seen anybody comparing projector as you did. Thank you for your work.

  16. This channel are robbing bastards if u click the link look at the price on gearbest!!! Then open up google and search the product on gearbest!!! It’s £300 cheeper !!!! What a joke

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