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Week 12

13 thoughts on “Week 12

  1. Never commented yet, but got to say this is the best course i ever see. Thanks everyone who develop it, I really think you did a great job 🙂

  2. 演讲部分在edx和YouTube上从头到尾看完了,总体感觉课程涉及面很广,并且很有层次感,从最基础的二进制一直到人工智能,从C到PHP都有涉及。老师富有激情,教学的方式很生动活泼丰富多样,深入浅出,化繁为简。给我最大的感触还是老师和学生的互动很多,并且课堂内外都有丰富的活动。可以看出制作团队很用心在做,thanks Harvard, thanks CS50, thanks all the staff。

  3. Why this lecture and last one was so similar? same experiments exactly. Seems like a lecture from a different year put in to this one.

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