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We Tried An Oxygen Bar ☁️

Does an oxygen bar actually work? After training for a few days at altitude in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I decided to try an Oxygen bar to see if it would help me feel better!

👻 SNAPCHAT : MichelleKhare
🎵 MUSICAL.LY: Michelle Khare

🎞Edited by Shane Whitaker



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39 thoughts on “We Tried An Oxygen Bar ☁️

  1. Tina, you may have atrial fibrillation. Those cheap finger sensors can’t detect a bad rhythm. But, Afib generally shows as insanely high pulse. 120 is not a good resting heart rate. But, Tina is young and can likely handle it.

    Next, the comments below about 90% too low is correct in the scientific setting. But, I have found that the finger sensors restrict blood flow in the finger and this causes readings to fall between 90% and 100%.

    The method the SPO2 uses is not accurate as checking blood gases with clinical equipment.

  2. Yeah…if you are a young athletic female your oxygen should NOT be 90%, or the low 90’s range. That was incorrect. I have patients with chronic COPD and lung cancer, and the range we assess for patient with those significant pulmonary comorbidities is 88-92% O2. ☕️

  3. The last guy had an actually increased heart rate… cuts to next scene 🤣 ofc your heart rate will be better your inhaling oxygen and sat down lol

  4. Never heard about this!
    I have blood anemia because my iron level is so low, so my heart rate is higher than normal to keep my oxygen level up… I guess this might be good for that as well! Like to release the stress on the heart…
    But I don't think something like this exists in my country… If I could, I would give it a try, because I'm curious about it…

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