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VILLA FELIZ – EPISODE 505: TIKI BAR – PART 2 (House Building in the Philippines)

26 thoughts on “VILLA FELIZ – EPISODE 505: TIKI BAR – PART 2 (House Building in the Philippines)

  1. Hi James, Ness, Hapon, and Maryanne! Aloha from O'ahu, Hawaii! Since you mentioned that you may not have enough room for a Billiards table, try getting an Electronic Dartboard.. There is a board out there called Gran Board 3.. they are of the soft tip variety.. it's also a tech item that i think you may enjoy (especially for entertaining your Patrons).. it connects to your smart device via Bluetooth (usually your phone or tablet) and you can actually play people around the world who has the same type of board (within the Grand Board Network)! The unit has no screen, which is why you need to use a smart device to view and navigate.. Just food for thought.. Love the channel, and have been a huge fan since the day the laborers were removing the first coconut tree by hand in your lot! Till next time, Take Care and God Bless!

  2. Just wondering about treating the frame and inside sheeting for termites? I think I would treat the lumber before assembly for maximum protection. Hate to feed the enemy.

  3. is this the same channel of the American that had a construction business in the States and had some plants he usually showed at the beginning of videos– because the Filipina looks like a different girl

  4. Shouldn't the bottom plate be pressure treat to resist the moisture in the concrete?

    I have to ask why you didn't take the plywood all the way to the top and use a stringer to sit the lower counter on?

  5. James I'm rolling back from your neighborhood heading back home to Washington State a lot of snow coming back I know you got to be cozy out there I can't wait to get out there.

  6. Tiki lamps! Because burning anything indoors is not recommended, I have seen some faux pas flickering lights that simulate open flames! You MUST keep the Tiki Gods in a festive mood or they can get quite grouchie!

  7. now these are the projects i love watching! looking forward to the upcoming videos. need you a my pi dream neon light for behind the bar

  8. I have a huge problem when I am building something. My plans never seem to turn out to be the final product. I can think about it, research it, print out pictures, draw it out on paper and get the supplies, but when it comes to building it, it usually ends up different than I planned.
    I did get a glimpse of the drums at about the 15:15 mark though! Must be getting ready for those holiday parties to start!

  9. The bike is just like American bikes, the price isn’t bad really! Thanks for showing the store shopping video’s, now I can see everything I can buy and where when I get there! I like the Tiki Bar, looks like your Man cave is coming along nicely! Room for a pool table, if your a fan of that sport! Enjoy your projects, see you on the next video! Take care. 😃

  10. Cool, the bar is looking very nice. I do the same thing a lot of times like finding out what the key things need to be like hight and length 🙂 but after that, I wing it lol's, By the way ??? are you putting some USB plugs in the bar ??? and I don't think you got my email so I will send you another one

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