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Video of Conor McGregor Punching Old Man in Head in Whiskey Dispute | TMZ Sports

Conor McGregor uncorked a shot to the head of an elderly man in an Irish bar in a dispute over whiskey — Conor’s whiskey — and TMZ Sports got this video showing the violence.


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33 thoughts on “Video of Conor McGregor Punching Old Man in Head in Whiskey Dispute | TMZ Sports

  1. McGregor has been irrelevant for a while now, all he did here was prove that he isnt as tough as he wants us all to believe. Only tyson can get away with this kind of thing because he is… mike tyson. Mike could beat up my gramma and I'm I could find a reason that it was her fault..😉This guy will never be on tysons level…

  2. Sign that old man(future MMA champ) he is clearly octogan material …McGregor is a joke taking a swing at a old man is a new low has he no self control

  3. The ufc fighter punch an old man and the old man just fine anyway without hurt. That was embarrassing!!! Mcgregor is a man without honor. He lose and his mouth still talk loudly

  4. Pero q payaso hijo de remil putas…no habra uno q lo recague bien a palo y lo deje echado?…dios mio…a todos les llega su san martin

  5. Ese abuelo es un gran fajador,seguro que de joven le mete una contra y lo manda a la habitación del sueño.

  6. I never liked him from the moment I saw him on YouTube. I didn't like him even when in his prime days. I knew from his speech, manner and how he instigated and disrespected Jose Aldo and how he assaulted Khabib's bus that he is a thuggish and disagreeable person. Not sure why so many people idolize him.

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