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Video Game Dive Bar MASHUP | Funny Game Animation

Where do video game characters go to talk about their troubles? Head on over to Morgan’s Old West Spittoon and chat with Ms. Pac Man, Detective Pikachu, Wario and Waluigi, and a ton of others!

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#SuperSmashBrosUltimate #VideoGames #AnimatedParody
Ian Wilkins
Arthur- Mitch Haerle
Detective Pikachu- Max La Bella
King Dedede- Roarke Boes
Wario- Stephen Pena
Ms. Pac-Man- Abigail Bokun
Waluigi- Stephen Pena
Luigi- Stephen Pena


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31 thoughts on “Video Game Dive Bar MASHUP | Funny Game Animation

  1. This was actually pretty fun to watch. My favorite part was luigi and waluigi just..talking and seeming to be friends. Wouldn't mind just seeing more of them complain about how there sidekicks and what not lol.

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