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Using The Japanese Double Jigger — Essential Bar Tools | Lesson 02

The Japanese Double Jigger is one of the most core elements of your essential bar tools. You can find a Japanese Double Jigger within the Home Bartender Starter Kit. A jigger is your typical measuring tool for the bartender similar to those liquid and solid measuring devices you utilize in your kitchen. Almost all your basic kitchen accessories will work as bar tools, but are not always optimal.

Home Bartender Starter Kit:

The Japanese Double Jigger measures five important measurements:

* 2 ounces
* 1.5 ounces
* 1 ounce
* 0.75 ounces
* 0.5 ounces

The beauty of the Japanese Double Jigger lies in its accuracy. A great jigger will be taller than wider and have a smaller total diameter at the top. The smaller the jigger diameter the more accurate you can measure your liquid. The total accuracy of a Japanese Double Jigger relies on the small diameter to allow you to eyeball the level.
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14 thoughts on “Using The Japanese Double Jigger — Essential Bar Tools | Lesson 02

  1. I got mine in the other day,😊I like it very much, but that pink cotton candy popcorn that was in there, was pretty stale tasting,😄 lol

  2. When I fill the Cocktail Kingdom Jiggers to the top, it is a bit way more than my stainless steel Oxo jigger and my traditional wide mouth jiggers.

  3. I really need to get one of these Japanese Double Jiggers. I 100% agree that precise measurement can make or break a great cocktail! Love these videos. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jiggers can give a wigger brain damage, and brain damage at the bar don’t manage nuttin’ but making the sucker in you equal. Don’t be another sequel

  5. I have an awesome home Bar, I have awesome tools, I created 50 or so awesome cocktails and I created an awesome menu.  I love the channel and I watch every vlog.  My only request would be to do a show on awesome garnishes, especially for Tiki style drinks.  I'd like to garnish them like they do at high end resorts.  I'm just missing the "wow" factor.

  6. In the last episode it would be great if you can explain a little bit more about why a boston shaker is superior to the 3 piece. Also a pint glass vs a cheater tin

  7. I can get one as soon as daylight hits hoping you haven't sold out, can you autograph my package lmao…. I'm so serious you will know its mines it will have my name Shelia Lewis on the receipt lol

  8. Just thought I'd point out that OXO now makes stainless steel jiggers that eliminate most of the problems you mentioned. Other than that, great info and I love the videos!

  9. I'm from Europe so I use the ml measurement. So for those who doesn't know, 1 oz is about 30ml (29.5 to be precise). I personally have the 30/15 ml Japanese double jigger, and I'm planning to buy 50/25ml. I prefer 2 because I think it's kinda faster to take another jigger and fill it instead of watching if I'm on the line on the bigger one.

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