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Using A Sine Bar To Set A 30° Angle

35 thoughts on “Using A Sine Bar To Set A 30° Angle

  1. Nice demo again, Chris! Thanks for the upload!

    OFF: Have you thought about making your own artistic versions of certain instruments (e.g. micrometer, precision protractor, test indicator, etc.) from scratch? That'd make quite an interesting series IMHO. Especially a test or dial indicator. I'd love to see you handcrafting a beautiful and unique test indicator.


  2. Chris I reckon you'd enjoy a fellow machining channel here on Youtube called This Old Tony – he even has a cool video called Origins where he has a guest from Australia with a great Queensland accent help him with his jokes… He's got a sine bar video too, but I reckon yours is better.

  3. Sin bar, hmmm, thought that was what I used to get up to at the old Bourbon and Beefsteak Hotel in the Cross on a Saturday night lol

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