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Unboxing Dell Inspiron 15 (7566) NEW DESIGN

Unboxing Dell Inspiron 15 2016 NEW DESIGN Gaming Series

Intel i7 6700HQ 2,6 GHZ
NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 960M + intel(hd) 530
128 SSD, 1TB HDD
backlit keyboard
Display 1920×1080 FHD
Windos 10 Home

Please watch: “How to import the music into the Jokebox memory”



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23 thoughts on “Unboxing Dell Inspiron 15 (7566) NEW DESIGN

  1. well, dell has just released this one with kabylake core and gtx 1050 at ces 2017 tho=)), and i bought it 10 days ago, how lovely dell was!

  2. Im looking dor that lap top, but i saw one in a store, that had 3.6ghz
    and all the same specs of yours, anyone know if theres another model, or whats going on?

  3. so its the same as the 7559 but wayyyy cooler design and ddr4 ram, great i wish i didnt buy my 7559 2 months ago.. would be cool of they released a model with the 1060

  4. What's the difference between last years model? I only saw the addition of ddr4 ram and a new exterior. Other than that, it's still using the same CPU and GPU

  5. Seems to be a hit or miss on the red/ white keyboard, they are advertised with red, seen some videos as well but some people end up with white

  6. I had this laptop once it released. This is a decent gaming laptop with decent performance for moderate to heavy games. I had only tried Dota 2 on ultra setting with no problems. The gaming experience is same as other laptop with an Intel i7 6700HQ plus GTX 960M. This laptop handle the heat decently with only feel warm when playing games (however the fan is noisy). the down side of this laptop is that the design and the screen. The hinge is not a perfect design as the pivot point is in the middle and it causes the bottom bevel of the screen to bulge out when lifting the screen. The viewing angle of the screen from bottom to top is poor (causing extreme glare when viewing from bottom up–you cannot tilt the screen too backwards when using the screen; recommended to view slightly from top down to improve the viewing experience). Overall this is a decent laptop for gaming and productivity for the price. I really hope Dell could put more effort into the design and the screen quality, probably change the direction of the antiglare slits. No regret for buying this comp!

  7. Does your laptop got screen bleed? Mine has screen bleed on two corners and have ask the reseller to reclaim the laptop but found that another two new box has the same problem.

  8. If only Dell could wait until GTX 1050 Ti for laptop release and put it in this laptop, instead they put in outdated GTX 960M.

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