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Trap Bar Deadlifts for Strongman + NEW SHIRTS

In this video I use the car deadlift frame for my trap bar deadlifts. I also give a preview of the new power stairs at Untamed Strength.

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Untamed Strength is a Powerlifting/Strongman gym in Sacramento, CA:

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27 thoughts on “Trap Bar Deadlifts for Strongman + NEW SHIRTS

  1. You could've made a huge deal out of this but you didn't- mad props on expanding your business without flaunting the fact.

  2. I feel like the power stairs would be a pretty big liability?


    I don’t own a gym so my opinion is only based off of the idea that someone may over do it; say someone is lifting in correctly, or has an iron deficiency and passes out only to plop off the stairs, hopefully they’d already set the weight down..

    But I do realize this is considering the worst of the worst. The stairs are sweet!

  3. Wow alan after the first couple seconds with you jumping i was wondering if you could replace my pet pacman frog?

  4. When doing box jumps you should never jump down afterwards. People get hurt that way a lot. I know a guy who recently tore his achilles tendon that way! It also messes up your knees!

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