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Top Bar Modification

28 thoughts on “Top Bar Modification

  1. Your a good sport to have slow motioned your 'bee escape' lol! I can relate to wanting to go natural. My strong hive swarmed this past spring and because I saw a woman collect her swarm without gear, I of course felt the force of nature to give it a try… Mine was high in an apple tree, over head; huge thing! As the weight of that branch leaned to my hand, bees generously dripped in my face and hair. All I could do is say self "keep your mouth closed and don't let'em smell your fear". Not one sting I swear! Couldn't believe it, still can't? Now looking back, I'm not so sure I have the kahunas to do it again? I know I got lucky hehe… Good dinner conversation I guess! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. The boards you removed you kept aside with the bees. Naturally they will get suffocated and killed and same time release pheromones and which causes them to attack. It's just simple. I have seen number of videos where a farmer mishandles the bees.

  3. You sir are a maniac!!! Good thing the hole saw was creating little smoke for you- at the point when the drill was giving you trouble I think most would have just given up, you trucked right thru it, nice!

  4. Ok – I almost fell down laughing at the slow-motion part !

    But seriously get a smoker and veil . . .  long pants and shirtsleaves seem like a good idea too.

  5. Thats the biggest top bar hive I think i'v ever seen. I kinda like it how did it work out for you? Over the winter I built a long hive I cant wait to see how it works out. I'm going to be using foundationless frames in it.

  6. Thank you for your interesting educational Video about bees in America!
    Best greetings from beekeepers in Ukraine!
    We have our beehives with special modified top bars!
    Our hive are very effective!
    It's nice to share good experience and knowledge!
    Best wishes of success in beekeeping, good honey harvesting and nice bees wintering in this season!
    with respect,

  7. idk if a top bar hive is for me, i'am so used to the langstroth hives, and i don't like brood into my honey comb, and looks like there would be a lot of cross comb

  8. I love it … Awesome Hive … Thank you for sharing!  I am a "new" teacher this year and we will be studying bees and their hive system in my Agriculture Science class.  We will also be constructing two different types of hives and the TBH will be one of them.  THANK YOU again for sharing and give an update on how things are going please!

  9. couple of things… I think you are very lucky not to have had the bejeezuz stung out of you. In Africa if you do something like that you'd be dead. You need to smoke them first. Just a bit to keep them calm. Wear light colored clothing. Bees go for dark colors. Get a proper veil and gloves. it will make your life more pleasant. The bees are unlikely to move out of the birdhouse. It does not matter what you do with holes etc. You need to cut out the combs and tie them onto the bars. This may require some custom bars with supports. Your TBH is much much too deep. You are going to have a huge problem when it comes to harvesting honey. The unsupported combs WILL break as you pull them out. I know this as I also built a deep one and eventually gave up on it and moved the bees into a langstroth for this very reason. Sorting out a sticky crumpled mess of honey and bees in the bottom of your hive is not fun at all. You want it half as deep as that. A normal sized thb is tricky in this regard so you don't want to go any deeper. Honey comb is really heavy and not very strong. If I was you Id remove the birdhouse and modify before the bees start building on the bars.

  10. You are truly a beekeepers beekeepers… Thank you for sharing with us all.. I have to say sometimes we have better days. Keep positive even if you get stung. Lol Linda from GA.

  11. Also, next time you try something like this (LOL!) if you wait until all of the guard bees that have spilled out of the entrance to attack you have gone back about their business inside the hive before you return to finish putting things back together again, they probably won't bother you at all. Just sayin'.

  12. Top bar hives should have the sides and bottom at 60 degrees to each other. That is one-sixth of 360 degrees, or in other words the angles should look like one half of a hexagon (or a cell in the combs). You can make it as wide as you want, though I wouldn't make it wider than 2 feet, and probably less. My top bars are probably 18 are probably 18 inches wide. None of my combs are attached to the sides at all.

  13. OMG, you are just sorta too stupid to be doing this I think…drilling holes and assaulting a beehive like that…..I mean seriously, you can hear them from the audio even. ha ha…that 'bee'ing said, you do alright I suppose and you show, that bees are not nearly as volatile as many bee'lieve them to 'bee'. They were very tolerant indeed. wish you the best of luck, you deserve it buddy.

  14. roflol…."Well, I guess I won;t be wearing the mask because the tape has come loose from it…time to 'bee' stung in the face again…"…..

  15. hang on to those bees. You should have been stung many times during this short video. I have two TBH's. They were my first and I still enjoy them more than langs. I do think that you made your hive too deep. It will result in very tall combs giving too much weight for the bars to securely how. I expect that you have experienced multiple comb failure. Make you hive no deeper than 10 inches (12 inch side walls) and you will have better results especially in the south.

  16. ha ha ha! I know that bee dance very well. 🙂 And the face thing. I've been stung once on the face and it lasted a week. Felt like the elephant man. LOL

    I rarely wear a suit or smoke them. If you move slowly and purposely, they will just ignore you or at worse, check you out and go away again – but then I haven't used a power tool in their home….

  17. I look at others online and just winged it. The dimensions are not exact and they do not need to be. Bees in the wild wild build a colony in just about any cavity they can find. I have not check it in over a month but I expect they will have added a comb or two as they have been very active!

  18. Did you build that TBH from plans or did you wing it? How are the combs holding up to the additional length without side support? Have you broken any comb? I heard the deeper the hive, the more relaxed the bees are so I am very interested to know how its doing for you.

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