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Top bar hive full of bees

47 thoughts on “Top bar hive full of bees

  1. Hi, that amount of comb is beautiful, honey inside! Would this hive therefore be nearing a " swarm" condition due to lack of room? With your sliding bottom board you have no screening or vent holes, is that enough air movement?

  2. Thanks, You can, you simply use "n" shape top bars with a piece of rod down the centre, thus allows you to spin the honey and put the entire comb back to be refiled. You can put a normal shape honey box on top for honey extraction if you wish.Or put a side queen excluder mesh I will post a video in the Spring and Summer of my hives that I designed myself.I fined my method more productive then my uncles frame hives I am glad you do not use chemicals!

  3. Each man to his own but with the top bar system you get far less honey production and you can't contain the queen so she can have brood all over the in my country its against the law to use any chemicals in your hives and on your bees and we have no Varoa mite so far .

  4. Also 99% of Bee Problems are caused my Modern Bee Keeping Practices,spraying them with chemicals to treat mites is proven to dis orientate bees,if it kills the mites what do you think its doing to the bees? Weedkillers,Herbicides,Pesticides,Bad Hive Management are the only cause of hives dying! I totally know what you mean about the Asian Bee but once they are subject to the mentioned problems their hives fall into decline too.

  5. Well my European Bees cope fine to be honest, and all the bee keepers that I regularly keep in contact with too. Its all down to pesticides and chemicals ruining the Bees imune system, like I said in a previous post Russian Bees that are kept organically cope well with Varoa as well, but give you 10 guesses what happens when they are sprayed with chemicals? Yep Varoa then gets upper hand! Same happens with asian bees once subject to pesticides chems and weedkillers trust me on this!

  6. the european honey bee has not evolved with the varoa mite unlike the asian strain of honey bee which has evolved with it and can cope with it.the asian honey bee is the mites natural host .

  7. Nice Video I have just subbed to your channel and thumbs up your video. Nice healthy bees. Keep it real dude and keep the good work up. I will post a video soon of my Bee hives that I designed myself so that Varoa and other Mites can fall off and be eaten by ants. Not sure if you have them where you are but we have Yellow Meadow ants and they keep the Bumble Bee colonies and Honey Bees pretty clean of parasites,I never use chemicals.

  8. You are so right! I keep my bees in a semi wild state. I have a hexagon shape top bar Skep and they cope well with all pests. Bee keepers do not realize that spraying them with chemicals to kill mites actually weakens the bees. If you stick to nature your bees will stay healthy. Weedkillers,pesticides and poisons lead to CCD its no mystery when you look at the facts. Varoa have been around bees for millennia so why all of a sudden are they a problem. Healthy Bees fight off Varoa

  9. What do you like better? Langstroth or Top bar? What are the perks and downfalls of using a top bar hive. More honey?, more wax? easier to care for? Heavier?

  10. That was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm a beekeeper myself and after watching this and other vids of top bar hives I am getting serious about getting one of these because its the closest to having a natural hive. I'll get the hive next year and that will bring total No. Colonies to 5 I got 4 right now. This deserves 5 star rating GIT R DONE!!!

  11. hi; how do you do to cut when the honey is ready and how do you know if it contains baby-bees when it's really covered by the bee workers and drones?

  12. @IonOtter With this type of hive you can expand the brood chamber when needed. As long as the queen has plenty of room to lay eggs a couple of bars full of honey will keep her from laying in bars you are going to harvest.

  13. Hey, I know that in box hives, the queen is kept out of the super by exclusion plates. How do you keep the queen from laying her eggs all over? Do bees naturally separate honey comb from brood combs? Or are you separating grubs from honey at harvest? Or is this a non-harvest hive for population increase?

  14. Do you have a schematic of the Top Bar design.? How do you take the honey out? Doesn't this kill the brood as well? Please explain or send me to a site that can. Tks a lot!

  15. @fishingthewatershed I'm using new world carnolean bees. I think they are a hybrid of a Russian strain. I have no experience with other bees so I could not tell you if they are more aggressive, but this hive was pretty "hot" last year. I think that may have been due to stress from over crowding.

  16. should i put a divider in the tbh if the bees start building on the floor of tbh to prevent them from going further to the back. what is the best way to treat the hive for mites and other pest if the top fits snug over top bars.

  17. are you supposed to take out the comb that falls off any bar. one fell off and they are now building on the bottom. its just in the front, so should i take it out with so mny bees on them. transfer the queen to empty tbh i have and let them start a new hive and clean the mess up to start again in the other. i feel im bothering them too much.

  18. @sigsauer12 Might be possible I haven't tried it. I just keep two bars of drawn out honey between the brood portion and the honey stores. The divider is just used to reduce the size of the hive box for winter.

  19. @dragonhlm can you buy a queen excluder for langstroth hive and custom fit it to tbh? That way you would not need a divider.

  20. @mfalconful I cut a grove in each bar. When I started I wedged a piece of foundation in about 10 bars. Once they were drawn out I just put a blank bar in between and the bees know what to do.

  21. @Retrorocker54 I would love to make an observation hive. This first one I decided to go GREEN, I made it from leftover material.

  22. @StriderGTS I installed a 3lb package of bees mid April. It took about 3 months to get here, and I had harvested a couple bars of honey that day too. You can see the missing spaces in the video.

  23. Brilliant video! A mirror under the hive would make filming/inspection easier ; ) Ever thought of making a hive with perspex/plexiglass sides and gable ends as an observation/educational hive?

  24. You have some great videos. We ordered bees yesterday for our topbars. Your lowtech style has removed a lot of fear from me. Ii hope we have your touch.

  25. I know that the stacking hives have a way to exclude the queen so that honey for harvesting doesn't get mixed up with the brood.
    Do top bars have something similar?

  26. Hi there. Nice job! I have some questions. How much honey do you think you can extract from a single bar on average? How much time does it take for the bees to complete a single bar so you can harvest it? And finally, are the bees always this organized, as in why do they build each comb on one bar as opposed to building them all over the place? Thanks

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