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Tom’s Take – Ads Update

YouTube recently updated creators about ads and I thought I would give my perspective.

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Creator Insider is an informal YouTube channel to share information from the YouTube Creator technical team with the wider Creator community. We will feature different people talking about the products they work on and changes we are making so you have more context. Please note this is not an official YouTube channel and is an experiment.


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40 thoughts on “Tom’s Take – Ads Update

  1. It would be nice if yutube allowed advertisers to decide what types of videos their ads should run on rather than assuming a draconian view such that only content appropriate for a 5 year old is acceptable.

  2. You guys are just incredibly bad at running YT, PEOPLE beware, this blatantly useless "never going to work" system for flagging videos is far more broken than you realize, FIRST millions of us are getting flagged EVERY DAY and WRONGLY, you click for a review, and it seems to get reviewed in a couple of days, which seems ok, BUT what you do not know, is MANY videos are flip-flopping, if you have lots of videos uploaded you may not have the will to scroll through them, but you will find, some are reverting to "under review" and the problem is, you will not know as they ARE NOT re-appearing in the "limited ads" section, so many of you guys like me, think you are monetized but are not, now this guy here, just lies, he has said on numerous occasions the flip-flopping is fixed BUT it has not been, I advise those getting bullied by YT on a daily basis to check back through their videos, WOULD NOT BE MUCH EASIER, instead of flagging videos,just clear the channel as a good channel and whitelist them, these people are making such a mess, and they are not smart enough to realize, that the people losing the largest amount of revenue is themselves, I am all for stopping bad videos, but destroying and bullying the innocent is not the way to do it.

  3. muito boa sua abordagem amigo , to procurando cada dia trazer conteúdo para todos espectadores não só do Brasil mais pra todos do Mundo todo ,pra diferentes gostos tó finalizando um projeto que todos vão senti vontade de assisti no youtube .

  4. How about you include likes and dislikes in your process? It took you so long to respond to paul logan, but my positive and helpful mental health video's still get flagged each time i upload.

  5. Thank you so much sir for giving us important information. But what is the reason for monetization still disable after completing 10k views. Please reply sir

  6. If the predictions were any more random, I could have my pet chicken do it. Sure, I don't actually own a chicken yet, but I think a fresh one could pretty much do the job.

  7. The new ad rules are driving creators away from YouTube. Nobody wants a YouTube of only PG nice content. Stick with what made you, creativity and edgy content. Thumbs down on all of your recent changes.

  8. If thumbnails and titles of videos were fine before the adpocalypse then it should still be fine now, no amount of explanation will change this fact.

  9. does YouTube only cares about big shots? when I appeal the demonetize process, it tells me they can only do it for videos with 10 k views in a week? how is that possible for someone like me who is trying so hard everyday?

  10. thanks for the video . i have a quest. if my video shows the monetized icon on it in creator studio doesnt hat mean that i should see adds running in my video ?

  11. First off, thanks for this video, Tom. It is informative and helps to make sense out of what is going on.

    If the corporate pressure to provide a PG image is more than one can bear, then do not do it, but accept the consequence that your content will be demonetized. I don't think the best creators started with the intent of getting paid. It was meant as a forum for self-expression. If you make a few bucks a month, or a few hundred thousand bucks, in the process all of that is just gravy. Also, I see everyone huckstering for patreon accounts so they can side step the issue of (de)monetization to some greater or lesser extent.

    Having said that, if you are really concerned about the demonitization. Boycott the sponsors who are pushing for sanitized content and make sure they know it! They are the ones pushing sanitized content based on the belief that it will cause them to receive revenue based on widest possible appeal. If they find that sanitized content costs them more sales because every You Tuber boycotts their products, they will change that tune pretty quick. Problem solved.

  12. Advertising and restricted videos really need to be made more transparent.

    I had to turn on safe mode to find out that 95% of my channels content had been 'restricted', a status for which there is no internal appeal process. I had to go to a separate website, and submit video urls, 5 at a time, to have our main series be returned to 'safe' status. A process which, mind you, provides no further information. No notification of success or failure, or any reason for either, I had to, again, activate 'safe' mode to see if they were there.

    How are videos determined to be 'unsafe'? Why is there no integrated appeal process? Why is there no indication in the video manager of 'safe' status? How does 'safe' status affect advertising?

    As a writer, I felt pretty bad about having my work labelled 'unsafe'.

  13. Thanks again Tom! Insightful and informative as always 🙂 Hopefully the developers can work on methods advertisers can use to separate inappropriate content from other legitimate but perhaps questionable content that some advertisers would be supportive of…such as MMA, mature video game gameplay, news programs…

  14. Dear Youtube, you guys are way off course if you think the current add system is good. You're killing off so many good youtubers for no reason. Why does it matter what video an add is being played on? With the old system, any add played on any video. What was wrong with that? The add had no association with the video other than the fact that it was played on the same webpage. How can you hold that fact against the advertiser, when all ads play randomly? With this new system you've created and introduced a new problem that didn't need to exist in the first place. You're really screwing things up guys. Get your s*it together.

  15. I cannot understand the phrase "associated with".
    The videos are not ads by themselves, ads are ads.
    The video is the creation of someone, not associated content to a brand.
    That is basically changing the way the creators work.

  16. Thanks for this video. I am new to YT so this wont effect me but hopefully in the future I will be able to. Great video

  17. Maybe they should just Implement a Rating System like they do on tv G, PG, TV 14, TV MA and have content creators label them or have it automated based on transcript/cc on the video, and or keywords.

  18. Uber if you see this please use less intrusive/annoying ad campaigns. Variety is the spice of life, something Lyft understands.

  19. We would really appreciate if Youtube would allow creators to talk about and show anything more than little cute kitties.
    Thank you, whoever you are.

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