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TOKYO, Japan travel guide: Akihabara, Bic Camera, Pachinko, Ueno Park | Vlog 7

Tokyo, Japan! We now visit 秋葉原 or Akihabara, Tokyo’s electric town. You will see:
1:16 – Bic Camera
3:21 – Pachinko
3:52 – Don Quijote (or Donki) – Discount store, where the AKB48 theater is located
5:59 – Super Potato (vintage gaming store)
6:57 – Yushima Seido temple
7:46 – Kanda Shrine
10:12 – Ameyoko market
11:17 – Ueno Park

Akihabara is the dream place for the manga, anime, and video game lovers. You can walk the entire neighborhood, and from there, you can even walk until Ueno and rest at Ueno Park as we did.

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Short answer: I am a Brazilian journalist living in the United States. After traveling the world working with sports, news, and events for over 15 years, I realized that what I really love is the travel part of it all. So I exchanged life in the newsrooms and stadiums for the daily challenge of being an independent content producer. I created this channel to share the beauties of the world… stuff that for so long, I only kept to myself. Also to help people planning similar trips and to inspire more people to venture out and enjoy life!

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P.S.: The guy who occasionally appears in the vlogs is my husband, Gordon. He is Canadian-American and is extremely camera shy, that’s why he’s behind the camera most of the time 😉



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49 thoughts on “TOKYO, Japan travel guide: Akihabara, Bic Camera, Pachinko, Ueno Park | Vlog 7

  1. Hello, hello! Sorry it took me a while to edit this video, I've been working soooo much and filming a whole new series in Indonesia, and I had to take advantage of the sunny days before the monsoon kicks in… Hope you enjoy! 😊😊😊

  2. What a powerful culture. Man this is awesome Renata!! I have missed your vlogs!! This place seems like a futuristic planet and yet it is on our great privileged and undeserved blessed planet!! This vlog is one of my favorite because it gives homage to the sacredness of who we are as human beings and the infinite possibilities. What respect of this fascinating culture! Wow, wow, wow. So glad Gordon is giving us more camera time!! Love it!! "…what a peaceful place. This is Toyko!" – RenataPereiraTV

  3. "pa CHI nko"… Oh, when you say パチンコ you shouldn't put the accent on the チ sound because the natives (like me) might recognize the word as just チンコ (which means "dick" in English) 😉

  4. its not that it's not allowed to eat or drink on the streets, it's just etiquette and easier to dispose actually to eat and drink where you bought it coz you wont see a lot of trash bins everywhere

  5. This is not ordinary travel video.
    Your video has the brief explanation of Japanese culture and history.
    I can't wait for the next Vlog

  6. 途中に出てくる湯島聖堂は、1970年代のドラマ「西遊記」で

    The Yushima shrine that appears on the way is a drama "Monkey" from the 1970s

    It appeared frequently as part of castles, palaces and monster houses.

  7. Hi to you both, as I have already stated Japan is a country of many contrasts, and your Vlogs show that to be very true, by the way, I had better mention that a new emperor was installed just last week in Tokyo, a ceremony of old Japanese cultural precision full of meaning.
    I know you are no longer in Japan, you were very fortunate to get a flight out before the big storm struck the Japanese mainland as everything was being closed down before the storm struck in force, I will depart and catch up with you both later, so take care and God bless.

  8. Прекрасный Токио, великолепный Уено. Этот район мне нравится больше всего.

  9. Oh I missed you Renata! Great to see you both back with another high quality. Love the soundtrack music you put on the videos.

  10. A great hack that I want to share with everyone, especially if you need a lot of carbs is to Google 'Yayoiken' within Google Maps, and you will find that this particular restaurant has 19, yes, nineteen branches in Tokyo alone (They have branches all across Japan!). The amazing thing about this restaurant is that if you're REALLY on a budget, you can go between 5 am and 11 am (most branches are open 24 hours, if not till really late) and order a 'Natto Breakfast' for 390 yen. What you'll get is a portion of natto (fermented soybeans… it tastes better than it sounds), some seaweed, miso soup, a raw egg, a piece of tofu and here's where the best deal is: You can refill your bowl of rice, and eat as much rice as you like till… kingdom come. There's also complementary pickles on the table that goes well with the rice. If you're REALLY not into natto… then go for the next cheapest set, which is the fried egg set at 470 yen. I have survived for months in Tokyo on a 1000 yen a day budget with this hack. If you time it well, and get the cheapest set just right at 10:45 am or something, with enough rice (the rice is REALLY delicious) and pickles, it should last you the entire day. Intermittent fasting is great for you! You don't have to eat ALL the time! Here is the menu.

  11. Great Job, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

  12. Hi Renata !! Incredible city ! This city is insane & unique in many ways. There is so much to see and discover. Shops selling all kinds of items unknown to us. Great video. Let's see what else Japan has to offer in your next video. Safe travelling .

  13. Отлично)))))
    И кто бы мог подумать, что ещё полтора века назад, Япония была одной из неразвитых азиатских стран , молодцы японцы.
    Восхитительно и то , что по сути это страна где работают и модернизируются "иноземные мозги" (простите за правду, но на самом деле это именно так)
    Так же замечательно , когда традиции пересекаются с современностью .
    Рената, вам на заметку , женщины в моей стране хорошо отзываются о японской парфюмерии и косметике )))))

  14. As always a great video. Thanks a lot for showing us the beautiful site of Tokyo. Waiting to see more videos in coming time. 👍🏻

  15. Really enjoying ur video with interesting information (I didn't know why the street near ueno is called ameyoko but now I got it)! I'm from Japan and it's getting colder in a short time cuz now it's autumn, and the sounds of cicadas on ur vieeo remind me of summer and make me think time flies! Thank u for sharing many things about Japan to ppl all over the world

  16. I am glad that you went to Ueno park after Akihabara and Ameyoko^^ As you commented in this vid you can visit many museums in Ueno! I would recommend the Scientific Museum and the National Museum! So far as I know no youtubers have ever introduced them^^; Tempra of lotus root is a popular food in Japan!

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