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Toes To Bar Tutorial brought to you by Get Rx’d

21 thoughts on “Toes To Bar Tutorial brought to you by Get Rx’d

  1. Hey I watched a couple of videos on how to do toes to bar and this one really helped me. I was doing the slow full swing and after watching this I cut my time significantly!

  2. As a beginner I found it useful to have everything explained in easy to follow but very detailed directions. I appreciate the efficiency tips and showing common mistakes. Really great video.

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  4. not sure if your still working on this, but i was having the same problem. work on the back and forth motion he talks about around 3:00… really get your head through the shoulders. do a few "beginner t2b", swinging, just moving your feet up a little, jump off the bar for a few seconds, and then try some full t2b. that momentum and the bent knees is what you need to fix this problem.

  5. tuck your knees and don't 'swing' your feet up to the bar. swing ur body back and 'kick' the bar instead. watch the video from 5:00 on, and you'll see what i mean.

  6. how do you keep from getting too much backwards momentum? I did toes to bar for the first time today for 13.4, not too much trouble but these were definitely slowing me down, i didn't have much trouble getting my toes up by i was swingin' all over the place after a few reps.

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