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Tik tok Trung Quốc|Bài tập thon eo- Giảm mỡ bụng#1

44 thoughts on “Tik tok Trung Quốc|Bài tập thon eo- Giảm mỡ bụng#1

  1. these exercises are all nice and all but please remember that you can't really "trim off fat" like this.
    Doing exercises do help burn calories and build muscle but there is no way to target fat loss. You just lose fat evenly throughout your body. (though where first depends on your body type)

    If you really want the "s" body shape they're talking about, you're better off doing exercises that burn more calories, then build muscle where you want more volume

  2. What i have been doing for the past 2weeks and i had a good results:

    Plank elbow 1min
    Plank hand 30secs
    Crunches 30reps
    Side crunches 20 each side
    Leg Raise 30reps
    Bicycle 30secs
    Russian Twist 30reps

    I only do Yoga and Pilates every Weekend for about 30-1hr

    My waist was 26 to 23 and I'm shocked by the results

  3. Люди которые понимают русский !!!
    Помогите , я не могу понять по сколько надо делать эти упражнения 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  4. Ok i just wanna know. Does this work???
    90% of the comments is filled with people trynna ask song titles😪🤧
    I’ve been scrolling for ages.

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