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Three Superheroes Walk into a Bar

22 thoughts on “Three Superheroes Walk into a Bar

  1. Any man can fight to win but it takes someone really heroic to talk to their villain and show them why they should stop.

  2. He may not be the joker but at least his enemy can just talk with him not punch him in the face like Batman almost always does

  3. After seeing the new Joker film, I can't help but feel that Arthur could have been prevented from going down the path he did if someone like the Flash was there for him. I suppose that's the whole problem… people like Wally West's Flash barely exist.

  4. This is why Wally is so great. He doesn't immediately beat the shit out of the villain. He talks to them, becomes their friends, and explains why it's bad to do these things. This and the episode where he convinces Silverback to help the orphans are easily my favorites.

  5. Flash's take on Trickster really reminds me how Batman handled his rogues in Batman TAS. Batman truly wanted to help these criminals (except Joker). All the things he did for Harvey, Frieze, Baby Doll, Giant Bat, Clayface, and many one-shot villains.

    Then Batman got really dark. Understandable, but still. I miss the old Batman.

  6. When I was younger, I thought this scene was lame. I wanted Flash to speed blitz his enemies.

    Then I got older, and truly understood the depth of this scene.

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