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The Vaccines – Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

45 thoughts on “The Vaccines – Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

  1. I miss FIFA's 12 but good thing I have a fifa 19 I play fifa 13 and fifa 12 and I play fifa 14 and I play fifa soccer 11

  2. I don't fuckin' care if you heard this song in FIFA 12. I heard this song because I was searching The Vaccines' music here-

  3. I remember listening to the FIFA soundtrack as I do every year, and this song left me breathless. Just stunned silence. What the FUCK was that? Let me listen again and again and again. I became a Vaccines fan right there. Recently saw them in concert for the first time and they were as good as I hoped. What a fun band.

  4. I've been listenting to this song for sooooo fucking long and i can't ever remember the fucking name fuuuuck ta bien chidoris alv

  5. This is such a good song, so short and so powerfull! I have seen the Vaccines in 2011 in Rotterdam Holland and they where also very good live! This song is even better live! It is so catchy and unique! I also like the video, it is a little strange. That is why I keep watching.

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