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THE ULTIMATE SPORTS BAR MENU CHALLENGE! | 11,000+ Calories | Epic Cheat Meal

45 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE SPORTS BAR MENU CHALLENGE! | 11,000+ Calories | Epic Cheat Meal

  1. I wasnt the biggest fan when I first started watching your videos after the channel 4 programme. But you really are a pleasure to listen to and watch. Well done you 👍

  2. So Kyle I’ve been wandering and thought of a possible challenge for you… I think you should do let’s say maybe a 15000 calorie challenge with meats and your usual treats.. but then follow that up with a 15000 calorie challenge based on a vegan diet or “plant based” products. I’m no vegan or veggie myself, however, I can only imagine that by consuming 15000 calories in vegan food would almost double the quantity of food you would need to consume? I’m not sure if it would, or works that way but I would be interested to find out! Are you up for that?

  3. Great editing Kyle! Do you do OMAD? I do and I find I can eat loads of volume, more than my husband. I have recently started with even more time fasted before exercise 21-22 hours, a 14 km run. The struggle was real this morning LOL. I have no idea how you get all that fatty stuff down.

  4. I love bacon and peanut butter together !! I make it in a hench baguette , with egg and cheese… don’t knock it till you’ve tried it 😉

  5. Hiya Kyle, m8 you are a legend enough food to feed an army, well done you done well there I can't believe how much you did eat, it all looked so nice and tasty I could almost taste it my self lol great job m8 👍👍👍👍

  6. Looks tasty mate!
    Something I noticed though- you said the burger weighed 500g and then said half a pound.
    1kg is 2.2lbs
    A 500g burger would be 1.1lbs.
    So when you said it was 500g and then a 1/2lb it kind of confused things.

  7. You naughty lad I’m sat here debating whether to order a takeaway or not lol. You made me hungry 😋. That food looks amazing but how do you eat so much? Well done x

  8. Great video bro, I think you’ve got all the vegan viewers crying at all moment, those burgers looked incredible, if only I lived up in the north east rather than the Midlands I’d be there on a daily basis although not eating in those portions! 😂

  9. Out of all YouTube eaters I must congratulate you on ya great vids there the more entertaining than the others and ya commentary is great love em keep up the good work and here's to more plus that food looked so good and colourful cheers fella for the entertainment

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