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The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

Automation in the Information Age is different.

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The Second Machine Age:

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The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different This time


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36 thoughts on “The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

  1. When the productivity gets too high that not enough consumers will be purchasing things:
    Communism: May I introduce myself.

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  3. An other factor that automation is nesesary is the fact that newer generation they value personal and creative time more than work time. They want to work less and less.
    This alone is pulling industry 4 closer and closer.
    Industry 4 is inevitable and for older generation is distraction but for newer is their time.
    A time like ancient Greece a time of masters rule and slaves execute and philosophers think. A time that will geave one more time the opportunity to humanity to elevate.

  4. You could also see it from a different standpoint. If all normal jobs are run by machines and we don‘t have to worry about supplies and stuff all humans can go into research. Imagine all people working as scientists trying to cure cancer and shit. Not that of a bad future if you ask me…

  5. That's why we now have a bigger cultural demand for "natural" "man made" service.
    And even if we didn't have that in a far future where all manual labor is done by machines, there will still be jobs out there, there will still be new things to do.

    Is the simple ideia of: "why let a machine play golf if I could be playing it?"

    Even if there isn't anything that you NEED to do in your life to live well, then find something you WANT to do or you are nothing but a dead man walking (or flying… because, you know… *FuTuRe*)

  6. "does our future have to be this grim?"
    points at Amazon
    One 100 billionaire and employees paid nothing and fired off they sit down too long.
    Yeah, unless we very quickly shoot the rich we're already there.

  7. Let us just create a robot for a substitution for our work. When they work, the money will be for us.

    TADA! A solution for people who are lazy.

  8. It's like saying that Horses would have a new line of work once cars became a thing. Yeah, who rides a horse nowadays? This is humans if things continue.

  9. My only hope is that when there is actually so much excessive products created due to the unprecedented 24/7 production capabilities of the machines, things don't just get expensive for us due to its excess, but rather it gets cheaper and cheaper until its virtually nonexistent and people won't even need jobs or need to get paid anymore.

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