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The Ray Charles 12-Bar Blues Piano Lick – Piano Lesson (Pianote)

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Ray Charles was one of the most important piano players in the history of the instrument. He had an enormously influential role on the development of Gospel, R&B, and Rock music. In this lesson, you’ll learn the approach Ray Charles took in the main riff for the song ‘What I’d Say’.

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20 thoughts on “The Ray Charles 12-Bar Blues Piano Lick – Piano Lesson (Pianote)

  1. But seriously, the hot tip is to play the bass riff in the intro ONLY, then when you sing it, play the root notes only in octaves, I'm not sure Ray is playing the bass riff throughout the number, you can't hear it and musically it is clutter and steps on the bass player, it's all about maintaining the drive and it's better to alternate the bass, playing the root notes in octaves to keep it simple. Also, I believe you have the accent wrong in the right hand. You're over-playing it and missing the groove. I would direct young players to listen to Song for My Father by Horace Silver. Horace plays a simple one to five bass in the intro and when the band jumps in Horace plays chords in the left hand to concentrate on the melody. Horace Silver is great and simplicity is at the core of his work. On the Song For My Father CD, the first four numbers start with a simple but effective one=five alternating bass line. listen to Horace Silver and also check out early Herbie Hancock on Blue Note. Thanks for the inspiration, I haven't played this in years! { the right hand rhythm is Boppa-shooBop, shoo BopBoppa-shoo Bop}

  2. Okay , some assembly required , but THANK you , I feel hopeful ( & like I'm jumping in on the deep end ). Thanks for taking the time

  3. I appreciate your breakdown and tried to follow it……but even you don't play it correctly after you explain it! Try reviewing it and you will see that as soon as you add your right hand to the bass line….you play the "B" in your left hand only once ( not twice as you initial show just the bass line) I got TRICKED up TOO!!!

  4. Maestro: this is really extraordinary; may I ask you one beautiful and difficult song?: Shout to the top….is possible for you to teach us how to play it?. Thank you very much.

  5. Thanks, so awesome learning here! Can you make a video on bluesy I-IV-V right hand chord combinations (Easy to change position right hand chords–close together voicing) similar to the the great Ray Charles chords used in this video?? I have been trying to find this bluesy, soulful sound…tired of straight major triad sound, thank you in advance

  6. ugh, I wish I saw this video first. I already learned a slightly different version but this sounds much more like the original. No way I am unlearning that now.
    Why do all the what'd i say tutorials miss out on that little walk down scale he does to end at the B and start over?

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