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The myth of Sisyphus – Alex Gendler

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Sisyphus was both a clever ruler who made his city prosperous, and a devious tyrant who seduced his niece and killed visitors to show off his power. While his violation of the sacred hospitality tradition greatly angered the gods, it was Sisyphus’ reckless confidence that proved to be his downfall — resulting in Zeus condemning him for all eternity. Alex Gendler shares the myth of Sisyphus.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, directed by Adriatic Animation.

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44 thoughts on “The myth of Sisyphus – Alex Gendler

  1. Like we have stories of iron man and superman. 3000 years ago they had stories as well. In 3000 years when humanity destroys itself again acheologists will be digging up us! If ground is not disturbed for 1000 years the ground is covered by around 2 metres of dirt dead plants sand and sediment.

  2. I read another one which at the end instead stated when he died of old age he had to do the Sisyphean task And also for the wife one that right before death he told his wife not to put a gold coin on top of his tongue when he died so when he reached Charon the ferryman he said that his wife didn't put a gold coin so he couldn't pay and asked Charon if he could go back and punish his wife and get a gold coin to pay. And Charon said yes

  3. If he cheated the gods before then who's to say he didn't again? He could've just left the rock at the bottom of the mountain and run away.

  4. I think it’s about endlessly trying to understand the meaning of life oh wait the video already said that

  5. Sisyphus pushing the boulder up and down the hill is like bodybuilder lifting weights everyday. Everyone have their own sense of happiness.

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