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31 thoughts on “The Mandalorian S1E3 “The Sin” REACTION! BURLINGTON BAR REACTS!

  1. I would like if you guys could try to avoid cutting so much. You show the scene, then you cut it out, then show it up, then cut, then show. It becomes annoying to watch.

  2. like no reaction at all for the epic gandalf mandalorian save action.. but if babyyoda fart or some shit like that the crowd is goin nutssss xD

  3. Love your vid reactions. I hope the crowd gets bigger. More entertaining when more people react. This is the way. I have spoken

  4. It makes me so happy the bar slowly getting bigger again.
    It's a shame it's Chicago in the winter which could limit it a bit but may it continue to get bigger. This is the way I have spoken

  5. It looked like the ladies thoroughly enjoyed the show. I wonder what the feminists who bagged and want it stopped for not enough female characters have to say about that?

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