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The Mandalorian S1E2 “The Child” BURLINGTON BAR REACTION

We’re back and we’re so smitten with BB Yoda we cant barely stand it!
Hang with us while Burlington Bar Reacts to The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2 supposedly titled “The Child”
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31 thoughts on “The Mandalorian S1E2 “The Child” BURLINGTON BAR REACTION

  1. Hopefully we aren’t frozen in Copyrite Carbonite this time. Hit us up on for tons of extra scum and villiany!!

  2. This is a personal theory but I believe there's a reason why we were introduced, for the 1st time, to a baby alien like Yoda, a species which up until this point we don't know much about. Maybe that baby will be important for the Rise of Skywalker movie. This, tied with the Fallen Order game story which was about rebuilding the Jedi Order, could be a set up for a new Jedi Order with baby Yoda as the main character

  3. This show is just getting better and better man. Love the score too sounds similar to Creed and Black Panther since the composer did those movies too

  4. If that baby is Yoda, then we might see Darth Plagus, young Palpatine, and young Dooku and Qoui Gunn. This might be interesting.

  5. you'd take the baby with you bc clearly multiple groups have a bounty on him and I don't think Nick Nolte is gonna be able to defeat a group of bounty hunters

  6. I didn't realize you was doing this! Also I, too, have become a victim of the awesome cuteness of that sweetie pie!

  7. So HAPPY Burlington is back up for reactions!!!

    Sweet baby Yoda, single handedly giving every Fangirl baby fever!!! Lol

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