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49 thoughts on “The Mandalorian S1E1 “Chapter One” BURLINGTON BAR REACTION RE UPLOAD

  1. The ReUpload Awakens…. hopefully we can keep the full Ep 1 reaction up. Episode 2 Bar reactions dropping on Monday!
    All Bar Reacts Will drop on Mando-Mondays from here on out as long as Walt doesn’t alter the deal!!! Pray they don’t alter it further!

  2. This is great…first time viewing a video that is in a BAR REACTION…great UPLOAD…hope to see more..subbed yah .
    7:00 love the bar reaction there..LOL

  3. Filters and stuff while annoying are acceptable if they allow you to post content.
    We've all already hopefully SEEN the episode, so we can remember the parts as long as we can hear the audio ques even mirrored footage.
    Those who come to reaction vids to watch the Movie/TV/Anime for free or unfiltered are just leeches.

  4. this series has not the niveau of GoT. first episode 40min. second episode 30minutes. in some moments this series didnt look like a Series wo a episode cost 10-12 Million

  5. I was hopping to see more exciment in the IG droid solo fighting scene… come on people! Do I really was the only one to jump from my seat on that great moment? 🤔

  6. thats the best way to enjoy a tv show like the mandalorian! with good friends and laughter… to bad i got none of that 😭

  7. 3:48 WHY DOES NO ONE REACT TO BOBA FETT'S EMBLEM!!!!!!!! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it! This annoys me so much!!!

  8. I live right on the border of Wisconsin and I keep telling myself, "When I am in Chicago, I will go to the Burlington bar!" 😂

  9. After every episode of GoT I saw your video. And every time I have wished to sit at the bar in your bar. Great audience! It was such a Joy 😘😘 greetings from Tina/ Germany

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