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The Making of Falkor Bar: A Cold Process Soap Design

This soap allowed me to just go with the soap swirl flow. I had no real plan for the swirling. I just played and hoped I’d get some cool swirls. Lol even though this soap looked simplistic, it was far from it. The scaled top is by far my favorite part!I hope you get some inspiration to create your own unique designs. Enjoy the video and thank you for watching!

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♥ Nurture Soaps/ Super Sparkle –
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7 thoughts on “The Making of Falkor Bar: A Cold Process Soap Design

  1. Wow, definitely a Wow soap, I have never seen such a clever and beautiful way to make a beautiful loaf and bars of very swirly soaps. I love the melt and pour top, I learn so much from your videos

  2. The swirls are spectacular and I just love color of the scales. The side details keeps it interesting all the way around the bars. Always a pleasure watching you create.

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