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The Fed says there’s a high bar for future rate cuts or hikes

10 thoughts on “The Fed says there’s a high bar for future rate cuts or hikes

  1. Liesman, you are smarter then that, you cant be actually believing in this trade war BS.
    Joe, good job this one, that was some nice action.

  2. The thing to watch now will be the dollar. The Fed's main "unofficial" data point has been the stock market. It looks like those days are over. When the dollar slips appreciably, which won't take much with the trade wars hitting harder, the Fed will consider raising rates, which, if the market hasn't crashed "much," it may be able to do one time (although even that will be "iffy"), otherwise there will be no attempt to support the dollar at current levels. That's why the Fed is saying the "high bar" will be on both sides. It has helped support its primary data point, that is, the market. Now it will take a last stand to defend the dollar, but only if it weakens by some undefined amount. Either way you cut it, things are bound to be "bumpy."

  3. Lots of love between those 2
    What is the trade war that everyone keep mentioning all the time last December the S&P took a free dive of 20% in a day and it would of keep on falling if the good old pals at the fed wasn’t coming for the rescue
    there was no trade war then ….. what kind of BS ….let I

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