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The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg

In this passionate call to action, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg explains why, in August 2018, she walked out of school and organized a strike to raise awareness of global warming, protesting outside the Swedish parliament and grabbing the world’s attention. “The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions,” Thunberg says. “All we have to do is to wake up and change.”

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30 thoughts on “The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg

  1. When i was 5 i realised the media have agendas to turn us in to zombies.

    Greta,making countries like china.
    Every 10 years we have the climate crap,
    Tell us why the goverment has to help and not the buissness companies.

  2. Or lets face the real source of this problem. There are too many people on Earth. That is the alfa omega of the problem for me. Lets find the way how to peacefully regulate the growth of human population maybe even peacefully decrease it over time. Taking away our cars, banning flights, making common things ilegal and taking away our freedoms would steal lifes and childhoods to many others than Greta. Every global problem we are facing like global warming, ocean pollution, spread garbage, emissions etc has one root. There are too many people on the planet and the population is still growing.

  3. Greta…Greta…Greta in Calgary of all places. As a Teacher all I can say is that this little girl is terribly misinformed and it is inappropriate to have a foreigner affect our votes with the Liberal agenda to manipulate Canadians in an Election with a Child!!!!!!! This is terrible. Her parents and handlers should be ashamed of themselves using this little girl. It's an example of a SHAMEFUL MISINFORMED CANADA OF FOOLS GOING TO VOTE FOR CORRUPT LIBERAL SOCIALIST GLOBALIST FIENDS. This is absolutely silliness. STOP USING THIS CHILD! My gosh…climate changes people… Scientifically there is not Emergency in regards, Climate Change. Climate has ben changing up and down for centuries!. The Crisis is in the Polluters and large corporations continuing to manufacture plastic and other that will never be recycled based on their claims. This girl is being used by corrupted Socialist far Left Globalists and it is simply misinformation. Has anyone checked the majority of her claims???? Canadians…Please vote with wisdom and together lets take down the corrupt Liberal Parties that are using this Girl…through our Votes.  This is Liberal manipulation during a Election for votes so they can continue to mislead and destroy Canada! It's SHAMEFUL!

  4. She is NOT O.C.D. very few O.C.D. people that I have had experience with would let one side of their hair be braided weirdly compared to the other…. They would want it to be as similar to each other as possible.

  5. Go Greta Go! Welcome 'back' to Canada today! You are the best feminist I've seen in a very long time. Those old boy's club must end. It's all business as usual with them. What you do to the earth you do to yourself.

  6. How about some affordable solutions for the everyday people that cant afford teslars and that need their jobs to survive.

  7. Because no one cares that’s the point we literally don’t care that’s why extinction is on the way it will balance things out one way or another and life will go on one way or another you don’t have to worry about something you cannot change instead just focus on enjoying what you have change what you can in the end it’s all the same and then you may realise why no one cares

  8. Misguided and uniformed Adults scare these young and gullible kids> fill them with fear of the future. They get emotionally over the top and sometimes even commit suicide because they are being told the world is hopeless. These adults are the real culprits. When I celebrated the first Earth day in the late 60's and early 70,s. We were told by the academia we would all be dead by the year 2000. Flooded or burnt to death. More of the same old lies, today.. Could they have been wrong because for a dead man I seem to be doing just fine. Thank you.

  9. God made all resources to used for the Purpose supporting Civilization, permitting all Humans to Multiply and live in Harmony!
    Greta is a Child and needs to be acting as Children do, exploiting a Child and disabilities are just a larger plan of Total Control over others life!
    Might God send the Holy Spirit, through Christ who has all knowledge and understanding!

  10. Quit blaming, ho back to school, become a climate science and fix it. Your activist parents have destroyed your life and you have destroyed your life. Lighten up and go skYing,

  11. I can't help but think Greta is being taken advantage of. She talks about the relevance of her asbergers that compels her to speak when necessary. However, there is also another relevant aspect to this syndrome. As shown in the study below people with the aspergers have difficulty recognizing lies. She is more at risk of being taken advantage of because of this.

  12. This is such bull. I used to watch ted talks. Now i know. You are corrupt. I used to enjoy it. Thinking it was a unbiasd programme. But i am wiser now. Greta you lie. She said herself i don.t have a mental illness. I think she.s fakin it. Your parents are the worst.

  13. She is a liar and fraud…. her parents need to go to jail! .. She is mentally ill by her own words @1:51 She is also an actress … has an IMDB page plus a film coming out. Her parents are money grubbing scum. All, incluing her handlers are antifa and pro violence. Look it up. Her lil group will not go to India, China or Russia. But they will run their scam in countries that they can make money. She needs a script because she is an actress… look it up… She is useless without a script. You all should see the video of her parents at a Canadian hotel … outragious… threatened to call the police. It's all a show and a fake!

  14. I wanna see the people who don't believe in climate change burn. On the other videos of Greta there is so much criticism, pointing out how she should do better or doesn't know anything, or whatever. Adults just sitting there criticizing, and what exactly are you guys doing about it again. Oh yeah, I guess you just don't care cause MAYBE just maybe in your life time the enviro issues won't affect you too bad.

    So concerned with HOW she's presenting herself and how its not perfect, instead of actually listening to her message. Lol this is how so many people are. Like are you jealous of a little girl because of the platform she got. You make me laugh.

  15. This is what society if collapsing into , corrupt, leftist-paid-off media, sic socialists using children to to push their mentally insane mindset, the list goes on. Notice how all these socialist left media are getting so much thumbs down lately? FACT: -The left has tried this mindless, sick stunt for decades, to strike fear into to people and failed every time. for example, they tried in the 1970's with the next ICE AGE, then in the 1980's it was ACID RAIN, then in the 1990's it was the HOLE IN THE OZONE LAYER then 2000's it was CARBON DIOXIDE CAUSING "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING", and now in 2015+ they change the name of that same BS into the CLIMATE CHANGE…All lies, & propagated, fabricated dementia, to strike fear and try to fulfill their life-in-a-bubble agenda. What happened to all their past-claims of the end if times due to human damage? it was all BS. They will not believe scientists who know its a cycle of the earth, nothing more. This Greta kid is nothing but a brainwashed child PAWN for the left, for the sick socialists to use to push their agenda, as we know the degenerate left will even use children to brainwash and push their mentality forward.

  16. This kid, she know so little yet she speaks as if she has seen everything. When she addresses humanity she excludes herself. Then tell me, Greta, how do you aim to address this issue? You jibber-jabber about the things that produce climate change but what about the people living because of them? You spoiled brat, come live in the slums than let's see if you speak the same things.

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