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The Dead Rabbit: What It Takes To Be The World’s Best Bar | Forbes

The owners and bar manager at the Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog in New York’s financial district share the strategies that led them to earn the title of the best bar in the world.

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20 thoughts on “The Dead Rabbit: What It Takes To Be The World’s Best Bar | Forbes

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  4. Can’t really say for sure since I’ve never been to this place, but if there’s going to be such a thing as ‘the best bar the world’, it would be one of the places in Japan. The Japanese bartenders have the best techniques in the world.

  5. I’ve worked around the corner from dead rabbit since before its opening and I can confidently tell you it’s not even New York’s best bar, let alone the entire planet’s.

    Perhaps criteria is best mix of vibe and high end cocktails, in which case DR scores high.

    It’s certainly a fantastic cocktail spot, but World’s best is just a drop of hyperbole. I guess that’s how you get noticed.

  6. These guys are the real deal when it comes to entrepreneur's never let investors run the show they will ruin a business fast.

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