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The Biggest Difference Between Trump and Nixon | Opinions | NowThis

Impeachment would tell Trump he cannot get away with abusing his presidential power — but according to Robert Reich, we must still remain vigilant in 2020.
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In US news and current events today, House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi have launched an impeachment investigation into President Trump over his phone call with Ukraine asking the nation to investigate Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden. Robert Reich spoke to NowThis News about the impeachment process and Donald Trump differs from Richard Nixon in his impropriety inside the White House.
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38 thoughts on “The Biggest Difference Between Trump and Nixon | Opinions | NowThis

  1. the biggest difference between Nixon and Trump is that . firstly, Nixon CORRUPT President Trump is NOT, secondly, with President Trump, Democrats Party is a Globalist socialist Party with Nixon they were just Democrats, thirdly, with Nixon the media was doing their job but with President Trump, they are the FAKE NEWS and they are the ENEMY of the people and you are one of them trying to BLOCK everything good that the President is doing for the American people. ALL of these stuff that the Dems and the Fake News People do , they did it because of 2 reasons, firstly, to COVER UP THEIR CORRUPT WAYS during OBAMA YEARS and secondly, because they knew they can not win the 2020 election which will mean that their money chain is being CUT OFF.

  2. Let me get this straight, the only way for someone to not be investigated from corruption is if that person is running for office? This spin of getting "dirt" for the election is wonky to me. The United States has every right to investigate corruption. If he has nothing to hide, he should be investigated. Even better that the election is under way. Prove to the American People Biden is clean.

  3. Ok, but how is digging up dirt on someone bad? I don't care who it is, everyone is corrupt and the more people that know the better.

  4. This is BS. Biden is not a rival. Clinton was a rival and between her and Obama’s admin, they sabotaged his entire presidency.

  5. Facts are the only president.

    Everyone is a politician and everyone is an artist.

    Those who don’t know, fear criticism.

    Learn from experience.

  6. You really can't be serious. Brainwashing has already taken over. You still have time to escape the delusional train. Do some research instead of believing the lies main stream media is feeding you.

  7. When you know nothing about history, you're bound to repeat it. Donald Trump basically did a Nixon. And he thought it was going to end well???
    This is beyond stupidity.
    The Republicans have a history of decades of vile anti-democratic practices. When are people going to learn???

  8. You're just mad because we got somebody in there that's got balls you're a democratic f**** you fed him for that age-old long propaganda b***** you would work good for Hitler

  9. I'm all for robbing and cheating
    to win. Legally of course.

    You say theres no legal way to rob? Civil forfeiture in the United States.

    No legal way to cheat? Take steroids. Cycle off. Win Olympic medal.

  10. I didn't like Robert Reich's political views. Which is OK. I don't aggree with anyone fully.

    Now, I see him as being a despicable lier.

  11. Two words: Fox News
    Roger Ailes has made it clear had there been a Fox News in the 70s Nixon would have survived impeachment. Ailes found a need and filled it. Fox got 45 elected and made it their job to keep him elected long before he was even impeached

  12. We need you to keep Congress focused on what Trump did. He called a foreign power to dig up dirt on a political adversary. That is illegal. He said he did it; he admitted holding up funds that Congress had allocated; Guiliani admitted he went to get dirt on Joe Biden from a foreign country. He stated clearly he was there at behest of Trump and the State Department (Pompeo) . We cannot be swayed by all the convolutions, undermining, and attacks made to the Congressional oversight committees or the whistle blower. Now Trump has added threatening a whistle blower to his list of crimes. All these acts are against federal regulations. He can scream, throw a temper tantrum, call people names, blame everyone else (that's what 4 year olds do when caught), but he must face consequences. All his bluster, he was WRONG and as such, should be impeached. PERIOD!

  13. This is stupid speculation. I use to think Robert Reisch was intellectually and aridity but speculation is something FOX and CNN does not professors of economics at Berkeley.
    Haven’t even stated the hearing yet. This is embarrassing.

  14. Whole leftist world is digging dirt on Trump since he announced he is running for President of US.

  15. Does this channel just give anyone a chance to make an option video? Because it seem like they give anyone who who thinks they are an expert on something to make a video.

  16. The Trump Administration, and the Republicans, have been the ultimate test of the laws of our constitution. It so far has failed. Our constitution means very little at this point.

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