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The Best Low Carb Sweetener? – Testing Blood Sugar Response of Artificial Sweeteners – SURPRISE!

“Artificial sweeteners spike blood sugar!” “Splenda and Sweet n’ Low can raise your insulin and make you crave sugar!” We hear it all the time: low carb sweeteners can spike your blood sugar just as much or more than sugar. But have you ever tested it yourself? All of our bodies are different. What may spike one person’s blood sugar might go unnoticed for another.

In the name of bad amateur science, I set a challenge for myself: test my fasting blood sugar response to a whole bunch of the most popular natural and artificial sugar substitutes. Every day for two weeks, I tested my fasting blood sugar upon waking. I then drank my morning coffee with the equivalent of 4 teaspoons of each sweetener, and took my blood sugar level again after one hour. I’ve recorded all the details below and share them in detail in this vlog.


Coffee Only: 15 mg/dL increase
Coffee + Heavy Cream: 19 mg/dL increase
Swerve (erythritol): 16 mg/dL increase
Splenda: 11 mg/dL increase
Truvia: 8 mg/dL increase
NuNaturals Monk Fruit: 24 mg/dL increase
Sugar: 41 mg/dL increase
Equal: 13 mg/dL increase
Sweet’ n Low: 10 mg/dL increase
Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold: 89 mg/dL increase
EZ-Sweetz Liquid Sucralose: 5 mg/dL increase
Sukrin Gold (granulated): 4 mg/dL increase
Sweet Leaf Stevia (liquid drops): 5 mg/dL increase

PRODUCTS TESTED (Affiliate Links):

EZ-Sweetz Liquid Sucralose:
NuNaturals Monk Fruit:
Sweet’ n Low:
Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold:
Sukrin Gold (granulated):
Sukrin 1:
Sweet Leaf Sweetdrops Liquid Stevia:

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45 thoughts on “The Best Low Carb Sweetener? – Testing Blood Sugar Response of Artificial Sweeteners – SURPRISE!

  1. So to be clear, with all the sweeteners you also had the cream that knowingly raised your sugar? I just wanted to factor that in, to say that most sweeteners had a negligible affect on your sugar in reality.

  2. Your tests may have been interfered with a bit by the morning rise in blood sugar a lot of people get.

    From how high your before readings, and how far up your spikes went, I'd be concerned that you have some significant insulin resistance.

    The bareley malt extract in the Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold has a higher glycemic index than sugar.
    On the plus side, there is no fructose in it, so it probably won't cause problems for your liver.

  3. Hi Wes! Can you re-do this experiment mid-day? It’s a lot to ask, but, morning glucose levels are notoriously unstable in comparison (dawn effect). Please?

  4. I love this content! Someone else has a "Will it Kick Me Out of Keto" series which I find really helpful, but that might be harmful to do too often.

  5. You should also be aware that the error bars on those testing strips can be pretty big (they're amazing but can still be out by quite a bit on occasion -also wash your hands right before testing -no finger licking!). If you want to be sure of the result it's best to do at least a couple. Also Blood Glucose can do weird things for no apparent reason so really you should do the whole thing again to be sure.

  6. I must have missed something. I did not hear results for each one. It the one's that spiked Abd the morning sugars. Could post written results and will you test bochasweet on blood sugar?

  7. Wes, we didn't get your results from the Monk Fruit. And you were about to say something about the "New Naturals monk fruit is the only…." The only what??? This was filmed a couple of years ago, but I hope you see this. Love every video format!

  8. Every video you make is great! Any format is good. I just like seein' ya and learning what you have to teach us! You always cheer me up, Wes. Thanks for doing this! I had nooooo idea that these sweeteners could have that effect! I watch you every day. LOVE all of your shows!

  9. Thank you SO MUCH for this video content! Sweeteners can be SO deceptive. My DH has had diabetes the past 14 years and we did a "pancake experiment" a month ago that we're STILL recovering from – there's SUCH a learning curve on low-carb!! Who plays the piano at your house, BTW? 🎹 ♬ ♬

  10. The one that gets me most is black coffee. I have been told coffee, tea and water all plain won't break a fast. Have to do some more studying. Well, thanks anyway.
    I have only just started to add some Stevia Very little

  11. This video viewing is a result of 3 others I found one of which was your pumpkin pie video that talks about sweeteners and blood sugar I've found in the past 2 weeks. It's something I never knew could happen. I suspect I have the same thing happening to me so I will be figuring out what sweeteners do and don't set my system off. Thank you for doing this video it is of great benefit to me and a great many others I suspect.

  12. Excellent!
    Years ago I used the sugar substitute in the blue packet twice. I got floaters in both eyes. My Optometrist told me 2 other of her patients used that stuff and literally went blind. Thankfully I didn't use any more of it! I still have those irritating floaters. Please don't use that cr*p!!!!
    I use Stevia.


  14. Hi, I'm late in the game on this video! Thank you for sacrificing yourself to the cause! Your fasted blood sugar seems a little high by the guide my doctor gave me. She told me about a weird phenomenon "Morning Rise" about blood sugar rising in the morning upon rising to 2 hours of being awake even without any food or drink. I check in the AM and I'm also pre-diabetic 95-105. My doctor does not want me to ever test over 170. It is a challenge! I'm glad I do not drink coffee anymore. Lemon water here 🙂 I really appreciate you showing us the results! Keep your content here!

  15. You look just fine honey! This was a nice video, don't mind them in between your normal video's 👋🏻 love ya Sheila

  16. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I appreciate you doing this experiment so please keep doing videos like this. I absolutely love your channel!!!

  17. Tastewise, we've tried just about all sugar substitutes and we think monk fruit has the best taste and the least aftertaste. It may have had the highest increase in your tests, but other channels have shown it to be one of the better alternatives for diabetics. Everyone's taste is different, but monk fruit is our 'go-to' replacement now.

  18. Hi Wes, I know this is an old video and I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this already, but you mentioned at the beginning that your blood sugar rose from 80 to 100 within the hour of getting up. You really should have been taking your first blood reading well after you have been awake. I know that doesn't go along with your planned experiment but there is something you can read up on called "The Dawn Effect". When you, me, everyone wakes up in the morning, your body naturally floods your bloodstream with self-made glucose to help you wake up, get up and get to moving around. That's why your blood sugar spiked. The process may not have finished.

  19. Great information. Thankyou. By the way your blood sugar of 100 fasted in the morning is a bit High. You really want to keep it in the 80 to 90 range. My husband is a diabetic type 2. I think part of it is what to eat before you took the test even hours before. Great video.

  20. Based on the work of Dr Joseph Kraft both you and I are diabetes in situ or hidden diabetes. Anything between 90 and 100 puts us in the insulin resistance/die ethic category. Try this one. Do your fasting glucose and the put some sugar, or any sweetener into a few ccs of water and dissolve. Take a mouthful and swill it round your mouth then spit out. Do not swallow! Then test your blood sugar as before. Best john

  21. if you have to check your bloodsugar again, try using the side of your thumb near the nail. I got that tip and it doesn't hurt as much as using your fingertips and such. and I don't know if you did it but the best time to wait to do a bloodsugar test is 2-3 hrs after eating a meal for the top peak of the sugar rise. I wish my bloodsugar was that awesome. after eating my bloodsugar has spiked up to 180. my waking bloodsugar is 140-150. For you to have a waking bloodsugar of 80. I'm so envious.

  22. This was informative, and you are a funny guy! Loved it! I was SUPER SHOCKED your blood sugar was as high as it was, with that Denmark sugary syrupy stuff, and they need a warning on the label. 😂 Anyways, I'm a diabetic. I do the pink and blue when I need something sweet, which is rare. The cream does have a little sugar in it, btw, which will raise your blood sugars a bit, but it's not that bad. (it's like a gram per serving) even as a diabetic, I can tolerate it under portion control, and still keep my numbers down. Thank you for testing, you made my day, and best of luck in your endeavors.

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