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The Best Bench Press Bar I’ve Ever Used…

10 Reasons to/NOT to Buy the Kadillac Bar ↓↓↓↓

In-Depth Written Review:

The Kabuki Strength Kadillac Bar is the best multi-grip bar we’ve reviewed. It features high attention to detail on areas that matter, a camber angle borrowed from the ever-popular Duffalo Bar, and a fit and finish that is top-notch. If you want the best and can stomach the price tag, we recommend the Kadillac.

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33 thoughts on “The Best Bench Press Bar I’ve Ever Used…

  1. What video should we post next? Titan Yukon Bar Review, Garage Gym Walkthrough, or Rogue Monster Bench 2.0 Review?

  2. You’re a genius with these reviews man!!! Question for you. What is your fitness goal with all this equipment? You could open your own gym with all the quality pieces you have.

  3. Seen similar bars to this but not just like this. These are great to use to train with. Anytime you can change the angle or hand placement gives the muscles some new stimulus

  4. This review misses two things:
    1. The assumption that this bar will only be used for pressing, so lack of knurling isn't a concern. Why are you so sure? I agree pressing is the most obvious and common use. But rows would be a super useful exercise with this, for both the neutral grip variation and the extra ROM afforded by the camber. You could also do things like hammer curls and tricep extensions. All of these would greatly benefit from knurled handles.
    2. You only compare this bar to other flat swiss/football bars.To say its the best you can buy of its type, you should compare against other cambered options.

  5. At the time of this comment, the American Barbell T-grip bar in this video is only $230. I'm not sure if this is the permanent price or not.

  6. I like my Rep Direct bar simply because I user it more for the OHP than the bench. Plus my shoulders don't really need, or want, the extra stretch during a bench press

  7. Amazing bar that I used on site at the kabuki lab. My problem is that I ordered mine literally 46 days ago and still not shipped.

    Furthermore zero proactive communication from them. They are a victim of great product, terrible customer service.

  8. He's got all this equipment and do you even left bro? It all looks brand new still. Use the collection don't just let it collect dust.

  9. To stop the flipping they should make the part that touches the J cup flat on the bottom. Relatively easy design change

  10. Wow impressive but for the price tag I'd get the current Titan Camber swiss bar or wait till they clone it in version 2.0

  11. Garage gym walk through!!! And you need to come down to Houston TX and check out our little garage gym community round here!!! Year round training weather

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