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The Basic 12 Bar Blues Riff – Blues Guitar Lesson #4

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Welcome to video four of the Blues Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson we are going to go over a simple blues rhythm guitar riff. Learning blues riffs like this is a nice way to dress up your rhythm blues guitar playing and make it a little more interesting.

In the next lesson you’ll learn an intermediate blues rhythm guitar riff based off of the one that you’ll learn in this lesson. Make sure you have this rhythm guitar riff down before moving on.

You can find all of the blues guitar lessons here:


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11 thoughts on “The Basic 12 Bar Blues Riff – Blues Guitar Lesson #4

  1. I need a shorter neck. I'm 53 and can see the end of my guitar career on this stretch. Two weeks and no progress on this bar chord. May have to go another blues direction. Sad.

  2. Great info and lessons as always Nate. But you must be an alien to make that stretch. There's no GD way I can even come near reaching that 5 chord stretch. I have to play it as a single note. Is there an alternative way to play this 1-4-5 in a closed position farther up the neck? That would be a lot easier. Very few of us have hands and fingers like insects.

  3. I know this is an older video but could you explain something to me please? Basically I know the blues scale and how to change it to different keys and I understand the 12 bars blues chord progression which is derived from the scale but I don't understand how you can be playing the e power chord and then add in the 4th fret as well? What I mean is I don't understand how that's "allowed" because it's not a part of the e blues scale? Sorry if i'm not making any sense….. By the way I love your videos so far and your an awesome teacher because your helping me understand how everything works 🙂

  4. For the B power chord I use my first finger and my middle finger and my pinky is that okay? also, great videos! I have subscribed 🙂

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