The Archer's Paradox in SLOW MOTION – Smarter Every Day 136

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Byron Ferguson travels the world doing live exhibitions. I should note, that Byron doesn’t call himself the “Best” archer, or the “Most Amazing” archer or anything like that. These are my words, because to me, he really is the most amazing archer.
He’s a cool dude with the right balance of humility and confidence, and I have an incredible amount of respect for him as a person. I’m under no obligation to recommend that you hire him for your live event… but I do. Book him through his wife Wanda here under “Exhibition Shooting”.

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Slow Motion Sound Design by “A Shell In The Pit”
The awesome music by “A Shell In The Pit” is called:
“Armchair Funk” which can be downloaded here.

Album here:

A special thank you to Dr. John Skinner, who is part of the Smarter Every Day Research team via Patreon for helping come up with the “tree explanation” of archer’s paradox! I didn’t fully understand it until he provided me with a video example using a tree!

There’s an ASTM standard for measuring spine. ASTM F2031-05

Here’s a manual for how it’s measured using one particular device.


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